Canada 150 events this weekend!

I’m back! Summer is one of my favorite times especially in Toronto! So many events and festivals are happening in the city! Even though the summer has been more mix between rain and sun so far, I can only imagine it will get even hotter soon! This weekend is Canada will be celebrating it’s 150th bday (Canada 150). There’s a lot of events happening in Ontario (Ottawa, Niagara etc) but since I will be mainly in Toronto this weekend. So here are some highlights of events I am hoping to check out:

Canada 150 events in Nathan Phillips Square
Staring tomorrow June 30-July 3, there are lots of Canada 150 events from City of Toronto. I will mainly be sticking downtown. So these free events in Nathan Phillips Square interest me the most! From Barenaked Ladies to Les 7 Doights to Ron Sexsmith to Kaeja d’Dance, there is something for everything! Not to mention daily fireworks. More details

Canada on Screen – Canada Day at TIFF Bell Lightbox
If you missed seeing the best Canadian films program part of Canada on Screen at TIFF Bell Lightbox, there will be screening them again at TIFF Bell Lightbox on Saturday. This includes Atom Egoyan’s Calendar and David Cronenberg’s Videodrome. They are not to be missed! There are also free exhibitions to celebrate Canada 150 as well VR 2167 exhibit. More details

Free Canada Day events at Harbourfront Centre
Starting on June 30-July 3, there are a lot of free music, dance events and more at Harbourfront Centre including the annual fireworks on Canada Day at 10:45pm! More details


Empowering Speeches from SAG Awards

Last night, it was the SAG Awards and a lot of the actors who won or were nominated made sure to get what’s on their minds with what’s been happening in USA and Trump. My social media has been going crazy with everyone saying something which is great and having more of the actors using an award show as their main platform is even more spectacular. Below are my favorites from last night including some from the press room.



Highlights from Golden Globes 2017

On Sunday, it was the 74th Annual Golden Globes. I’ve seen most of the movies that were nominated and not much of the TV shows. My favorites films since TIFF have been award season contenders: La La Land, Moonlight, Isabelle Huppert in Elle, Manchester by The Sea, Arrival and more. Usually, I only get excited for these awards for the films but two of my favorite shows, This Is Us and Stranger Things of the past year made an appearance during the award ceremony. I was rooting for Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling (La La Land), Moonlight, Isabelle Huppert and Casey Affleck. One of the surprises for me was Aaron Taylor Johnson winning Best Supporting Actor for Nocturnal Animals over Mahershala Ali in Moonlight. Although Aaron’s performance in the film was also remarkable, Mahershala’s performance still resonates with me and has been receiving a lot of buzz as well. Besides La La Land seven awards sweep and Moonlight winning the important award Best Movie – Drama, highlights included Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling win and Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech for Cecil B. DeMille Award (Also Viola’s speech to Meryl). Check out those videos below:

Full video but not great quality:



Ed Sheeran Divides In 2017 With Two New Songs

Ed Sheeran debut not just one song but two! His upcoming album will be called Divide. No news yet when he will release the album. My favorite song is Castle In The Hill! Both Castle In The Hill and Shape Of You are both upbeat songs we aren’t use to hearing from Ed! They definitely have already grown on with a couple of listens. I know I will soon miss that guitar of his! Looking forward to hearing more of Ed’s songs! Hopefully, he won’t keep us waiting for too long again.



Recap of 2016

I’ve had an amazing 2016 compared to most people. I worked 3 festivals (TAAFI, Luminato & TIFF), traveled home to Vancouver three times as well as going to New York! I spent the year trying to find myself more working opportunities in Toronto and I think I definitely got lots of opportunities compared to the couple of years. I have become more confident in myself and getting use to the Toronto community. What I have started to lack is not posting on here more about where I have been going, recommendations and more! I am definitely going to start doing this more this year.

I’ll have more coming soon to Jasmine Goes To! (The url has changed a bit because I forgot to renew my previous domain on time)


December Events and What to Do During The Holidays

This is the first time I will be in Toronto for the holidays. I remember last year and having going back home to Vancouver and being jealous of not being in Toronto as I knew there was so much I could be doing in Toronto during the holidays. Now that I am in that position, it is slightly difficult to figure out what I want to do. Most of my friends here are going home for the holidays or won’t be in the downtown core then. It is also very different to spend my first Christmas holidays without relatives and close friends. Here is a list of events and shows I am hoping to see and take advantage of this December.

the list will be updated once I figure out more events and shows I am interested in seeing

One of A Kind Show (November 26 – December 6)

Toronto Christmas Market (November 20 – December 20)

Brazil Film Fest (December 4 – December 6)

Soulpepper: Family Festival
(ex. Parfumerie, Alligator Pie, A Very Soulpepper Christmas)

TIFF Holiday Classics: X(mas)-Rated Edition

Bloor Holiday Classics

Mirvish Productions: Cinderella (December 1 – January 10)

TIFF40: Your Favorite Films (October 6 – December 8) * FREE SCREENINGS

Mirvish Productions: The Phantom Of The Opera (December 8 – January 23)

National Ballet of Canada: The Nutcracker (December 12 – January 3)


Spotlight in Media: Hello… Adele is Back

Adele announced that her upcoming album, 25, wil be released November 20. The sneak peek teaser of her new song, Hello was released last week. Her song and music video was also released on Friday. I have been a big fan of Adele since her last album. I am super excited for her upcoming album. What made me more excited for Adele’s announcement was that her music video was directed by Xavier Dolan and of course, filmed in Montreal. Xavier has been my favorite Canadian filmmaker. Having only seen a couple of his films and his Canadian Screen Award winning film (recently won Director’s Guild Award on Sunday for Best Feature Film), Mommy, Xavier has always shown talent. You can see it in the music video and lots of similarities to his previous films. Ever since the music video was released, I have watched and listened to the song several times already. It is no surprised that Hello broke Taylor Swift’s Vevo record of most watched music video in a day and I wouldn’t be surprised if it breaks the next record which is Miley Cyrus’ 100 million views in a week. Hello currently has over 80 million views.


Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour

Earlier this month, I went to Taylor Swift’s first concert in Toronto for 1989 world tour. I have always been a Taylor Swift fan but I was never out in the open about it. Since Taylor dropped her new album, 1989, I had her album on repeat and even more of my friends who weren’t fans on Taylor before were fans because of this album. Since she announced her tour dates, I was undecided on whether or not I should go. The more videos being released from her tour of her special guests and. I knew I had to go from the production worthy sets to just experience being in a room filled with over 50, 000 Taylor Swift fans. I had nothing to hide. Honestly, her concert was amazing and even more than I expected from all the different sets, routines, costume changes and more. It was definitely worth the money you spent and I actually never been to a concert before where you can tell that the artist put this much work into the concert experience for their fans. Taylor is just like one of us! She makes you part of her shows as much as possible. You could tell from how she presented her songs and how the concert’s theme was being presented. What the concert left me wondering was how long were rehearsals, choreography, costomes, stages etc. The behind the scenes of putting on 1989. I wouldn’t be surprised if there ends up being a documentary/film in the works if Taylor decides to do one for 1989. A couple of weeks ago, I came across XFINITY’s behind the scenes of 1989 tour which had some of the answers I was looking for. Check them out below: