Welcome to Jasmine Goes To..! This is a blog for the three things I love.. Movies, TV and Theatre! What you will find here is reviews, blog posts, tips, upcoming events I am attending and more! Just something fun I thought I should do!

Having done so many fansites and finally trying to get the whole “web thing” certified, I have been coming up with lots of different ideas on these assignments for my online courses and it all some how came to one “huge” idea. That I should do a blog site! I have been asked to do a blog site or do my own reviews and such but I didn’t really feel comfortable in doing that! But now I am all like, what the hell.. I will just do it! I don’t mind being critiqued. I don’t think I am all that “smart” and stuff. I can take criticism as long as the person isn’t a total ass. So here you go! The first post of my blog! Lot’s more stuff to come!

What to look forward this week: Dying over Magic Mike, Battling Comic-Con 2012 and Summer Traveling Tips! (Curious about what I mean.. You will find out soon!) In the meantime, Happy Canada Day to my Fellow Canadians!

Welcome to Jasmine Goes To..
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