I have decided to put some tips below from what I learned at my experience at Comic-Con last year! I wouldn’t call myself an expert but I learned stuff last year that I thought would be useful for newcomers this year! I know some of my friends will be new to the Comic-Con scene. So I know this will help them as well!

Last year, I only had the privilege of attending only two days (Friday and Sunday) which I think is great for a first timer since I am not really a wait in line type of person and I do like my sleep! So don’t expect to be nicely rested during Comic-Con because you will definitely be spending majority of your time waiting in line and sitting through panels to get to the ones you love! Also, make sure to come up with different back up plans in case things do not work out on the day. Below are some helpful tips from what I learned:

  • If you want to get in to the panels you really love you in Ballroom 20 and Hall H, I say line up at least 3 am. You may think this is way too early but people will be lining up way before then! Unless you really do not care where you sit, then maybe come later but that is at your own risk!

    Ballroom 20 – The lineup starts in front of the main entrance for Comic-Con! Not everyone lining up will be going to but if there are must see panels happening (which there always is), majority of the people will be going there. They open doors at 9am. Once you are inside, you go upstairs on the escalators (Don’t worry you will get directed)

  • TIP: Listen to what they say. If they say don’t run, just don’t.. It is also helpful because you will most likely get bitched by people who were lined up earlier than you as to why you are all of a sudden in front of them. (You can run looking for seats in the room though. That’s the most important part especially if you are picky to where you sit!)

    ** The free huge Comic-Con bags during registration will come in handy for lining up (since you can sit on them while camping)

    Hall H – Even though this room holds over 1000 people, huge TV fandoms and movies are always held here. And yes it can be crazy! But line up wise is directly in front of the room! (So no main Comic-Con door entrance for this)

    NOTE: If you are attending smaller panels, you won’t need to line up this early but it really depends what it is. I managed to get into some panels without having to line up!

  • Exhibition Hall has huge and lots of free stuff! So you will need a few hours in there. This is where autographs happen to. I didn’t do any autographs last year because there was a raffle system and I couldn’t be bothered last year! (Let’s just say you are not guaranteed to get autographs but you do see lots of famous people either walking around or doing autographs and other stuff)
  • Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ – Off Site and I totally recommend. For the conversation panels, they only cost $20 dollars which go to Operation Smile (Yes to charity!) Plus you are guaranteed your seats and autographs from your favorite celebrities! So make sure to take advantage of this!

More about Comic-Con 2012 Coming Soon. Find out what I am planning on attending, what schedule problems I am battle and more!

If you have any questions or if anyone else has any helpful tips to give people, leave a comment below!

Helpful Tips for Comic-Con 2012
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