On Friday, I managed to see Magic Mike in theatres (by myself)! Let’s just say I tried to get people to watch with me but in the end, I figured it would just be easier to go by myself! I really enjoyed the movie! And yes there is a storyline but I don’t think anyone really cares! Hot men, stripping, nudity..and hot dance moves FTW!

I knew what to expect from a “male stripper movie”. In December, I saw the Chippendales show with my friends. It was a “bachelorette thing”. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone but I do remember after the show, my friends and I had a conversation about what would we do if someone we know wanted to be a Chippendale/male stripper. So pretty much Magic Mike does answer this question. We get to look at what it is like to be a male stripper, why someone would be interested in being one and how it does affect the ones you love. You get the heart behind Magic Mike!

Matthew McConaughey is amazing in the movie! I always loved him but the movie made me love him more! Plus Channing Tatum just keeps getting better. Not only does he show off that he can act but his dance moves are to die for! He has definitely grown and improved since his Step Up days! (Haters go away!) Plus always nice to get them CMU Hotties (Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello) in a movie together. Plus Alex Pettyfer and Adam Rodriguez!! Just an amazing combination of men! The movie teases you at the beginning and even at the end. Let’s just say they know how to make us want more! I just really loved what Steven Soderbergh did with the movie! My only complaint was I wanted more dancing/stripping. (I really wouldn’t have mind the 3 hour version with all the dancing/stripping that got cut! Can’t wait for the dvd/blu ray!) I wanted to erase my experience in Las Vegas! Let’s face it! These men in the movie are way hotter and the dancing is so much better!

So if the prequel/sequel for the movie does happen, I am all for it! I did want to know more about the characters. And it definitely made sense for a prequel rather than a sequel. Plus Magic Mike The Musical! Definitely interested to see how this will turn out. I leave you with one of my favorite scenes of the movie. Just Matthew McConaughey being awesome and such a tease!

EDIT: Chippendales recently reviewed the movie! This review interested me a lot since like I said before I saw their show in Las Vegas and I have to agree with their comparisons:

Chippendales Male Strippers Review ‘Magic Mike’

Magic Mike is currently playing in theatres! Make sure to check your local listing. Visit the official site.

“Magic Mike” Review
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