On Friday, Nerd HQ conversation panels went on sale! For everyone who was trying to get tickets that day will know that the site server crashed and Nerd HQ have been dealing with the effects of “the crash”. Nathan Fillion, Chuck and Zachary Levi are all sold out and they had to add double panel in order to make up for overselling! Chuck and Zac’s panel were what I was hoping to go to but after the server crash and finding out that they both sold out, I knew it was no longer possible. If you never head about Nerd HQ and want to know what the fuss is, reasons why you should attend below:

  1. The panels only cost $20 which go to charity, Operation Smile
  2. There are no line ups!
  3. You are guaranteed your seats when you buy your tickets! (You are assigned your seat numbers)
  4. If there is an autograph signing with the panel, you are guaranteed the signing!
  5. Relaxing and a bunch of fun!

Note: If you cannot attend the panels, the panels live stream at Break.com

Last year, I attended Zachary Quinto’s Conversation panel which was a lot of fun! I was hoping to attend Nerd HQ again but it seems like I might not be able to because they clash with the one I want to attend at Comic-Con. There are a lot of Conversation panels left that are still on sale such as Stan Lee, The Expendables 2, Damon Lindelof and more! Latest new additional panel is the Twilight related one! with Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli is on Thursday at 6pm! This year Nerd HQ will be held at Block No. 16 Union and Spirits (344 7TH Ave., San Diego, CA 92101). View the official announcement.

I am wearing Nerd HQ t-shirt with Before The Door‘s Mr. Murderer Is Dead and Lucid.

For more details and to buy tickets, go to here. Visit thenerdmachine.com and follow @thenerdmachine! Also follow @ZacharyLevi.

Watch Zachary Quinto’s Conversation panel I attended last year:

Nerd HQ Conversation Panels Schedule
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