As I mentioned before, I went to the Hit and Run screening during Comic-Con with Mari and Dani. Unfortunately, we didn’t get pics during the Q&A since the cinema did not have good lighting and the Q&A was kinda of in the dark too. So it was hard to get pics at all. After the Q&A, we managed to get pic(s) with Dax. Adam took a second pic just in case the first one was not good enough. Dax was super sweet. He stayed to take pics with pretty much all of us. We decided to just take one pic together since it was faster and easier that way. Pics > autographs. Unfortunately, Tom Arnold disappeared later or else we would have tried to get pics with him too. Here is an edited picspam of our pics with Dax below:

You can read the rest of my Comic-Con recap/highlights. I will have my review up soon along with various other Comic-Con pics I have taken.

Comic-Con 2012: Hit and Run Screening [Photos]
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