I am officially a Psycho! I have been catching up with Psych before I left for my trip to Comic-Con. I have my friend, Hannah to thank who finally got me to watch some episodes of Psych during our trip to Toronto last summer. I fell in love with the show right away but I never got around to finally catch up until now! I always knew the show and the cast are awesome. Plus the show films here in Vancouver! I just never had the time. So what got me to finally catch up with the show was the possibility of going to the Psych panel at Nerd HQ which started my crazy marathon of watching a lot of episodes before the trip. I managed to finish Season 1 before I met up with Hannah to see Brave. I got her to lend me her Season 2 and Season 3 dvds and I finished Season 2 the day before I had to leave for San Diego. I decided to not attend the Nerd HQ panel since I was not yet caught up with the show but that did not stop me from seeing something “Psych” related during Comic-Con!

On Thursday, I decided to see the Psych interview on the Extra stage! This was the first interview on the Extra stage that I went to which gave me reasons why I just had to come back for all the others that I ended up attending. Since this was the first day, not many people knew about it. Plus, those crazy Twilighters and other possibly sane people were lining up for Hall H. So there was literally only possibly 10 people besides me that were there. Keep in mind this was the first interview on Extra stage. There was a Chuck table reading beforehand which I did not get to see. I was maybe #4/#5 person that was there while they were fixing the lights before the interview. It was raining a bit which was why they needed to fix the lights but the rain stopped though. I was pretty much in the front row and took awesome pics on my camera and my Blackberry. One of my favorite parts of the interview is James’ answer about Maggie which was too adorable! What did pop in my head was how Dulé and James were really keeping themselves busy by doing Nerd HQ, Extra and then their Psych panel later! Watch the interview below:

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So when I got back from my trip on the 16th, I have been continuing with the marathon and now I am finally done! While I was doing the marathon, I spoiled myself with Shawn and Juliet stuff since I wanted to know when they were getting together. I did that while I was watching Season 3. I also ended up watching a bunch of James and Maggie’s interviews and even watched their episode on Fear Itself where they literally play a couple getting married and it’s kind of like a dark crazy alternate reality of their couple on Psych (Watch the rest of the episode at that users youtube page). I even watched the panel and other interviews during Comic-Con! After listening to over an hours worth of Alison Brie’s interview with Janet Varney for her JV Club podcast on Friday, I randomly saw that Maggie did an interview with Jane too which caused me to spend the next hour or more listening to the interview (Jane was in an episode of Psych and starred in a movie with Maggie for those who don’t know). Yea..And I am caught up with Psych and a complete Psycho now.. Whatever shall I do now..

You can find all my awesome pics soon at my friend, Jenny’s site: Psych Fan.

Extra at Comic-Con: Psych [Photos] & How I Became A “Psycho”
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