My highlight for Saturday during Comic-Con was going to the Save The Date panel! Not only did I get to see Alison but Lizzy and Martin too! So I knew I was going to attend regardless when the panel was first announced!

Since the actual panel did not start until around 11am, I knew I did not need to line up that early but I still wanted to make sure I would get in. So I woke up at 5:30am and ended up in the main lineup before or around 6am. So when I got in the convention center, I was the first person in line for Room 5AB. I never been first person in line for anything before. It was kind of awesome and kind of sad at the same time since I was there for the second panel and not the first one. The only regret I had for lining up early was pretty much freezing to death because of the air condition in the convention center! I was directly under the AC during the line up. It was cool though since most of us in the line up that were there early were for Save The Date and not for Hot Town: Fairies in the City (That was actually interesting though and some awesome books). The best part though was getting Save The Movie: The Making of “Save The Date” comic early while in the line up. The comic is very informative! It is awesome that they were able to cast their “dream” cast.

When it was time for Save The Date panel, Alison was the first one to arrive. Gosh she is so beautiful in real life and up close and I was so happy I chose the right seat to sit in. While she was arriving to the stage of the panel, people started coming up to Alison and asking for her autograph and taking pics. I guess the “Canadian” in me came into play since it did not take me until there started to be a bunch of people coming up to Alison to make my move. I also knew the panel would start soon. So I did not get a chance to talk or meet Alison but I was close to meeting her. I just really love Alison’s personality and she even showed off her rapping skills even at the panel too when a fan brought it up during Q&A.

Lizzy and Martin both arrived late for the panel but they started without them. When Lizzy arrived, she switched seats with Alison which was even better since Alison was a seat closer to facing me. There were a bunch of cute moments between Alison and Lizzy as well as Alison and Martin during the panel. I love it when Alison starts lying down on Martin even Party Down Movie was brought up during Q&A! During the panel, they showed the art works of the movie along with some footages from the movie which included the opening credits:

The most important scene was at the club where Andrew (Martin Starr) playing with his band. Kevin (Geoffrey Arend) proposes to Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) who completely freaks out. Beth (Alison Brie) runs out to comforts Sarah.

It was the beginning scene of the movie! Lots of adorable and funny moments!

Overall, I really enjoyed the panel and looking forward to the movie even more! The room was smaller compared to the others as well. Those who didn’t attend missed out. Also at the end of the panel, a bunch of people started heading to the front trying to get autographs and pics with Alison, Lizzy and Martin. Of course, I was not fast enough and also I knew we had to leave since the next panel was about to start. I guess in the end I learned that it is not my gut instinct to rush towards a celebrity I like trying to get their autographs or talk to them especially knowing the fact there would be a good chance I would get yelled at. So a lot of people were getting yelled out and we were all being told that we had to leave now! I am pretty sure I forgotten some major interesting details from the panel. So if you have questions or comments, leave them below!

You will find my pics on my sites: Alison Brie Web and Lizzy Caplan Web. They are tagged because they are taken by me and only exclusive for my two sites. The movie opens in theatres on November 16!

Comic-Con 2012: Save The Date Panel [Photos]
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