Before I left for my Comic-Con trip, I finally saw Safety Not Guaranteed. I have been interested in seeing the movie when it first got announced and Kristen Bell was attached. Yes Kristen was partially the reason I saw it but I also saw it for Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson and Aubrey Plaza! Plus, I love watching independent films! The movie was selected for Sundance Film Festival and was one of the movies that critics loved! When I found out that the movie had a limited release, I thought my chances of seeing it would be low but when I saw Magic Mike at Cineplex Odeon and noticed the movie was playing there, I knew I had to come back!

Safety Not Guaranteed is the story about three magazine employees (Darius, Jeff and
Arnau) trying to report a story on an advertisement seeking out a companion for time travel. There is mystery behind this ad and Kenneth who posted the ad that keeps us entertained. The movie has a combination of different genres from romance, comedy, science fiction and more . Also, you got to love the Star Wars references! You have Aubrey Plaza going all Veronica Mars trying to figure out the mysteries of Kenneth (played by Mark Dupass) while her two colleagues have their own goals and paths to figure out during this trip. The more intense the mission gets the more we learn about each character and what this journey means to them. From love, acceptance and to finding confidence, all the characters fulfill their purpose and you are left with a heartfelt story no matter how weird the journey may have initially seemed! You will laugh and you may cry! There are certain scenes resonate in my mind even weeks after I have seen the movie! It was how certain important past events was revealed that made the movie so touching! That’s what is great about independent movies. You get to see something different and creative put together. I love how all these characters are very different but in the end, the chemistry between all of them come together. And yes Kristen Bell was great in her small role! Watch the trailer below:

Safety Not Guaranteed is playing in selected theatres. Make sure to check your local listings and visit the official site. It is definitely a film you do not want to miss!

“Safety Not Guaranteed” Review

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