The closing night for Titanic The Musical is this week on Friday! So you have two more days to buy tickets to see this Theatre Under The Stars‘ production at Malkin Bowl. Make sure to take advantage of this by seeing a local production here in Vancouver at Stanley Park. It is also 100 years of Titanic! It consists of an ensemble cast around 40 actors that are graduates from Studio 58, Capiliano etc! What I love about this production was how they used the stage and make us feel like we were seeing Titanic and its tragedy before our own eyes! I do love how people on Tuesday last week stayed through the thunder storm to get actual real life visual effects of the production! Bet that was very palpable!

When people hear that there is a musical on Titanic, they immediately assume that it is based on the movie (starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet). It is not based on the movie at all. The theatre production opened on Broadway before the movie in 1997 and it is focuses mainly on Titanic and the actual people on the ship. You can get to know more of the characters and this theatre production is just as sad as the movie. So, it is a win win! Show description is below from

Directed and Choreographed by MAX REIMER

Musical Direction by KEVIN MICHAEL CRIPPS

One hundred years ago in April of 1912, Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic never to arrive. In the masterful hands of composer Maury Yeston and librettist Peter Stone (the writer whose re-imagining of “Annie Get Your Gun” lit up TUTS’ 2008 season), tragedy is transmuted into a riveting and uplifting work of musical theatre. The hopes and dreams of rich and poor, cowards and lion-hearts, lovers and enemies are woven together into a richly-layered tapestry, celebrating the power of the human spirit in the tradition of Les Miserables and Ragtime. Nancy Franklin of the New Yorker wrote of the original Broadway production, “Titanic manages to be grave and entertaining, somber and joyful; little by little you realize that you are in the presence of a genuine addition to American musical theatre.”

TITANIC won five Tony Awards on Broadway, including Best Score and Best Musical; TUTS is thrilled to present this exciting show exactly one hundred years after the historic event that inspired it. You won’t want to miss this incredible journey of the largest show ever presented under the stars in Stanley Park!

Here are some of my favorite parts from the musical below. This is from the original Broadway cast soundtrack/performance (Yea.. guess I am a sucker for the “love story” and “gut wrenching moments”):

Buy tickets to see Titanic The Musical at Also make sure to see The Music Man which closes on Saturday! I will write my thoughts about that soon after I see it later today! Make sure to follow @TutsVancouver to get discounts!

Theatre Under The Stars: Titanic The Musical at Malkin Bowl
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