At the end of July, I saw the Arts Club‘s production of Altar Boyz at Revue Stage. I was originally trying to get my friend to see it with me but she said that even though she was a fan of the 90s this didn’t look like something she wanted to see. Well, she definitely missed out! This is the 9th longest running off Broadway show. When I was in New York last year, I even saw stuff about it down there. There was also a production of this last year but I didn’t get a chance to see it then. I was just glad I had my “adopted” grandmother, Eleonore to see it with me! She is also a series regular of the Arts Club with me and we always watch the shows together!

What I love about this production is that since it was at the Revue stage, you get more of an intimate production and it is really like you are seeing the Altar Boyz at their final concert. All things you love about boy bands and see what happens to them ends up in this play. It satires the phenomenon of boy bands and Christian music. It is four guys in a Christian Gospel and a Jew that make up the band! Their main mission is to cleanse our souls. It is their performance (the song and choreography) that bring the comedy out along with what they say to each other. You will leave the theatre having an awesome time! Below is the info from Arts Club:

The Altar Boyz are bringing their Raise the Praise tour back to Vancouver in the summer of 2012! Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham can sing and dance with the best of them, and these heartthrobs want to praise the Lord with funk and rhyme! With lyrics like “Girl, you make me wanna wait” and “Jesus called me on my cell phone,” this hilarious and irreverent musical comedy will wash your soul clean with laughter.

I didn’t know much about the production as I hadn’t seen it before. I always like to see something with an open mind. So I try not to be spoiled beforehand by listening to the songs or watching stuff from the production. I did however end up knowing one of the songs in the end since the person I was volunteering with at the TUTS box office brought her musicals playlist and there was a song from the production on there. Below I have included a video from the original off Broadway cast performing “We Are the Altar Boyz“.

For more information, visit Buy tickets now and you can find the trailer and clips from this production! The production runs till September 1!

Arts Club: Altar Boyz at Revue Stage
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