Today is the opening of Vancouver Queer Film Festival which is from August 16-August 26. This is the first time I will be volunteering for the festival. I also haven’t attended the festival before. So I am very excited! I will be doing box office and venue coordinator at the venues, Cineplex Odeon, Granville 7 and Rio Theatre. What I love about film festivals is not only can I get experience by volunteering but I get to see different types of movies around the world! Even though I do happen to like certain genres over others, I really don’t hate any type of genres. What’s great about this festival is that it celebrates the best of queer independent cinema from around the world! It is the 2nd biggest film festival here in Vancouver. I have not yet figured out which movies I want to see! I think right now I need to see what my schedule will during those days and go from there! I will of course will be blogging my thoughts of the films when I get the chance! Make sure to check back later on in the week. I will soon be listing out the films I will try to see.

Visit Vancouver Queer Film Festival for more information and to buy tickets!

Upcoming Event: Vancouver Queer Film Festival

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