Yesterday, I volunteered to do packet pick up for Color Me Rad 5K race that is happening at Thunderbird Stadium on Saturday! It was a fun and busy day! I managed to learn lots of stuff during the volunteer shifts like getting to Thunderbird Stadium. I’m a UBC graduate and I did not know how to get there. For some weird reason, I thought Thunderbird Arena = Thunderbird Stadium. So I got off the 25 bus and then later realized.. wait this is not the venue. Is it the one that is further out?! So, I arrived late for my shift and good thing I found my way and met up with a couple of other people who were going there to volunteer too. Even my general idea of where the stadium was, it would not have been enough. Plus, it’s hard to read stuff from a blackberry sometimes. Basically, go down 16th Avenue and turn on East Mall! Thank goodness for the tents and the Color Me Rad flags which made it easier to find!

I love the Color Me Rad t shirts and the sunglasses! I was able to get a pair of sunglasses! Plus there is some awesome tattoos. Basically, what I had to do was get their t shirt(s), sunglasses and tattoos and put it into a bag! It gets crazy when they cannot make up their mind of what color sunglasses or wanting to change the t shirt size. Most of them pick up for their team or for more than one person. It wasn’t stressful or anything. I was use to working fast pace environments (ex. I worked as a cashier at Market Place IGA). Plus it was not busy throughout the shifts but mainly when everyone are off work. Also, I ate so much pizza and drank a lot of liquids! It was weird because I was not hungry but I guess I was in the end. It must have been the hot weather because I was swearing a lot!

So, I found out last night that this was not my only volunteer shift. I am actually volunteering tomorrow too for color packet pick up which starts at 7am! I guess I will be there on race day! It would have been fun to be doing liquid station/paint station etc. Getting to through paint at the racers! Anyways, I am looking forward to volunteering again tomorrow!

Visit for more information about the race and for more information on the charity, visit

Color Me Rad 5K Race Day 1 at Thunderbird Stadium

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