Last night was the last day of 2012 Vancouver International Fringe Festival. I had an amazing time volunteering and seeing shows during the festival. I also managed to catch up with old friends or bump into people I knew who went to high school with. Plus I met and talk to lots of people 🙂 The award ceremony was held last night where the winners were announced. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend since my volunteer shift was still happening around the time but I managed to catch up on @VancouverFringe. I am happy with the winners and I wish I could have saw all of those that won. I will have sometime soon a post with my thoughts on the shows I got to see during the festival. Here are the list of winners below. Check out @VancouverFringe for more or visit

Spirit of the Fringe Award
Zero Tolerance
Slut Revolution

Volunteer Choice Award
Loon (Winner)

Runner Ups:
Power to Your Knitting Nell

Talk of the Fringe Award by @plankmagazine.
Suburban Motel (Winner)

Runner Ups:
Slut Revolution
Riverview High
Til Death

Joanna Marratta Award
Monster Theatre

Best Site Specific show

Critics Choice Awards

2012 Public Market Pick of the Fringe
1. God is a Scottish Drag Queen!
2. Loon
3. Riverview High: The Musical
4. Romance
5. Burnt at the Steak!
6. Fishbowl
7. Bookworm
8. CapsLock the Musical
9. Til Death Due Us Part
10. Peter ‘n Chris.

It was announced that Underbelly gets a run at Cultch Theatre. I am looking forward to that since I was not able to see Underbelly and I heard to many wonderful stuff about it from people who attended and volunteers!

I am going to try to see some of the pick of the fringe shows that I wanted to see and I was unable to. You can find more information for dates and times for those shows here.

2012 Vancouver International Fringe Festival Winners

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