As you may have noticed I have not blogged since September! Ever since I started my full time job and starting my two online courses, I just didn’t have time. Not only that I was already behind on my August blog posts I wanted to do. I know it’s my blog and it’s really doing it on my own time but I felt bad that I was not doing any new blogs.

For those who follow me on twitter will know that I actually have been doing interesting stuff in September and last month (Seeing more theatre productions, Volunteering at Vancouver International Film Festival, Going to Snow Patrol and High Flying Birds concert and also seeing more movies again!). So, it was not like I was doing nothing during the time.

I decided to put the site on a needed “Semi Hiatus” to make myself also feel better that I am not actually sucking at writing blogs. I think I may also change some of the stuff I do blog about. So, hopefully there will be new blog posts on the site soon! If not, there will be some later on this month or next month! I also still need to get the site a new look and ever since the site changed servers, I have not had time to fix some stuff around the site!

So stay tune! Hopefully, more stuff to come sooner than later!

Semi Hiatus
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