On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of seeing Aladdin The New Musical at Ed Mirvish Theatre. I loved the Disney movie while growing as many of us did! There was a point while I was growing up, I started to hate the movie. Only because my name is Jasmine. During high school, I had to deal with guys “hitting” on me and calling me “Princess Jasmine”. I also heard some terrible renditions of A Whole New World. I guess one would say being called a princess while growing up should be a compliment. All I remember was how annoyed it made me. I remember telling people later on to think of Aladdin to make it easier for them to remember my name. So, the movie pretty much shaped my childhood.

Aladdin The New Musical is making its debut at Ed Mirvish Theatre before making its Broadway debut next year! So, it’s something I had to go see since I moved to Toronto in June. I never got to see something in Canada before it made it’s Broadway debut! I love New York and I love Broadway. I still hope to one day live in New York. This production at Ed Mirvish Theatre is truly magical! Not only kids will love it but adults who have seen the movie would too. They adapted it in a way that it works for theatre and Broadway audiences. Their sets are remarkable and including the costumes and lighting designs. There is a lot of technical stuff that happens behind the scenes to make sure the production runs smoothly. So, props to all of the behind the scenes team! That was the one things that I noticed while watching this production. My favorite number is still A Whole New World. I just loved what they did with that on stage to make it beautiful and magical. I definitely loved how they made the production comedic as well. One of the things that will really draw people to see the production is that Jonathan Freeman who voices Jafar in the movie is actually playing Jafar in the production. Pretty sure everyone including myself loved the most was James Monroe Igleheart as the Genie. His numbers and things he said were awesome!

Aladdin The New Musical runs till January 5 at Ed Mirvish Theatre. Make sure to go see it! For more information & to buy tickets

Aladdin at Ed Mirvish Theatre
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