Last month, I saw Mirvish’s production of Les Misérables at Princess OF Wales Theatre. This was the second time I have seen the production this year. I saw the Broadway Across Canada production in Vancouver in June before I left to Toronto. The sets and everything were pretty much the same!Having seen Ever since I saw the production last month, it got an extended run and Ramin Karimloo who plays Jean Valjean in this production will now be joining the Broadway 2014 production. It was the first announcement made for the new Broadway season for Les Miserables! He is phenomenal and definitely deserves this! So, another production I have seen which involves “Broadway 2014”. It has been doing very successful! You can’t go wrong with Les Misérables. You are just going to expect yourself to be emotional during the movie. It’s just epic! Honestly, I still prefer this live than the movie! Yes, the movie had amazing performances and it was nice to see the sets and close ups on their emotions. However, it’s nothing compared to seeing people perform this live and able to show the emotion their characters through their performance. The first time I saw Les Misérables was around three years ago with The Arts Club production of it. I can never get tired on this production!

Les Misérables now runs till February 2 at Princess Of Wales Theatre. Buy tickets and for more information.

Les Misérables at Princess Of Wales Theatre
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