On Friday, I am leaving for a short trip to Chicago to see Jonathan Groff perform at Ravinia Music Festival on Saturday. I have been wanting to see Jonathan perform at one of his concerts for a while now but never got a chance since I was “so far” away. Now that I live in Toronto, it is cheaper to fly out to more places east. I haven’t been to Chicago before either. Last year, I finally got to see Jonathan in the theatre production, Red with Alfred Molina and saw him earlier this year in February. I definitely didn’t want to miss out on another one of his concerts. I bought a ticket for Ravinia Music Festival a few months ago and it is already sold out! Jonathan recently did a concert in New York for 52nd Street Project and has an upcoming American Songbook concert on February 15 in New York. So, besides his upcoming new TV show, Looking, premiering in January, Jonathan will be busy. Not to mention the success of his latest movie, Frozen. Check out some previous videos of Jonathan performing to show you why I cannot wait to see him perform at Ravinia Music Festival.

I will make sure to write a recap on the event when I am back from my trip on Sunday. In the meantime, make sure to follow me @jasjwang for details! I will try to update my twitter during my trip.

Upcoming: Jonathan Groff performs at Ravinia Music Festival (Dec 7)
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