I am finally back in Vancouver! It’s really good to be back. I have been very excited to be back in Vancouver since the weekend. The more it was snowing in Toronto the more I just wanted to be back already. I started to miss Vancouver rain! I was also hoping that the snow wouldn’t stop me from getting back home. Well, it didn’t. However, it did cause my flight to take an extra 40 mins to finally depart Toronto Pearson International Airport. My flight was suppose to depart at 8 am and arrive in Vancouver around 10 am instead I arrive almost close to 11 am. Apparently, the airplane needed to be cleaned/washed. Never did the pilot or flight attendants talked about that the flight was being delayed because of this. Luckily, I just had one stop, VANCOUVER!

The first thing I did was meeting up with my “adopted grandma” and her sister for lunch at Roots Cafe. It’s my favorite place to have poutine. The original butter chicken poutine is amazing! Ever since I had that there, a regular poutine anywhere doesn’t compete to that. I could not wait to eat that when I got back. I also had the caramel macchiato there again. Right next to Roots Cafe is Sultan Cut. That is my go to place to get my eyebrows threaded. It’s super cheap. I could try to get that done in Toronto but since I am still new to the city, I don’t know where the go to places are. I rather get it done back home since I know where I need to go. My other plans was meeting up with my friend, Amanda and have yummy grilled cheese and soup at Burgoo Bistro. Having not so great grilled cheese in Toronto, just made me crave to eat the amazing ones at Burgoo! So, I got the soup and sandwich combo (Crab Bisque and Gooey Cheese Grillers). It’s a must! I have also had the Butternut Squash soup there before.

It’s nice to be back home. Vancouver hasn’t changed that much. Then again, it’s only day 1 and I haven’t ventured that far out yet. Never thought I would miss taking Vancouver bus and skytrain. I also loved walking home from the skytrain. Yes, I am going to make sure to walk around as much as possible. Eating delicious food while I am back means I will most likely gain a lot of weight! I am looking forward to keeping everyone posted on things I do while I am back home. I am going to continue to update the list of stuff I am planning on doing while I am home. I definitely confirmed more of my plans now! Highlight for tomorrow will be seeing Mary Poppins at Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage. CANNOT WAIT!

SIDE NOTE: Since I am finally home, I got to finally wear my Veronica Mars Movie t shirts. Which one looks better on me?

Back in Vancouver – DAY 1
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