On Tuesday and Wednesday, I have been finishing off “pampering” myself. I did however checked out more of Vancouver especially yesterday. Nothing much had changed! On Tuesday, I had dim sum with my brother, dad, my grandma and uncle at Bing Sheng. It’s my favorite place to have dim sum in Vancouver. It’s around the TnT Supermarket area across the street of Renfrew St. It was so yummy to have dim sum back home because Toronto is still not good as Vancouver. My dad and I later went to Costco. I needed to get some stuff to bring back with me to Toronto. Otherwise, I didn’t do much on Tuesday. Later, I left to go to Chapters (along Granville St and Broadway) to do some more Christmas shopping. I met up with my Grandma where we had dinner at Earls. They upgraded Earls. They started to brand the restaurant more, the menu even looked different and I noticed that the staff were dressed more formal. Honestly, they looked more professional than usual. So, it was a good thing! I had my favorite, Chicken, Brie and Fig sandwich. They changed the name on the menu. So, I guess that is what they are calling it now. We saw Mary Poppins Musical at Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage! It was great. More details on this in my upcoming post.

Yesterday, I had a dentist appointment and later on I had a haircut. It was nice seeing my dentist and his wife as well as my hairdresser again. It was nice catching up with them and telling them what I have been up to. They all said how happy I looked. I understood what they meant but it was weird that they would say I look happier as if I didn’t look happy before. I killed time in Oakridge Centre. The major change there was that they finally have bubbletea. So, they now have Little Tea House in the food court which was pretty awesome for us bbt lovers! After my haircut, I went downtown and visited Pacific Centre and walked around Robson St. ing to finish off my Christmas shopping. I only have stuff left to buy for my cousin. I bought my brother and I “perfect tea mugs” at DavidsTea in Oakridge Centre and also got a present for my relatives too. The main reason I was downtown was because I wanted to visit the Gingerbread Lane at Hyatt Regency hotel. It was not as great as last year’s one. However, it still takes a lot of talent to build gingerbread houses and figurines. So, I still admire their work but not as amazing. I met up with my friend, Alice at Starbucks (Main Street station location). It was nice chatting up with her again and we ran into one of our classmates, Lucia who we haven’t seen since elementary school. It was random coincidence. Later, my dad, brother and I had dinner at Sushi Garden. It was the first time I went to Sushi Garden. I had heard good things about the place and the sushi there. It was cheap and the sushi was indeed yummy. My favorites were Alaska roll, spicy tuna roll and dynamite roll. The miso soup was good too. I definitely recommend the place. I noticed that while I have been catching up with people, there has been a common theme. I keep telling them how much better Vancouver is than Toronto especially as a city. I am very grateful I was born in Vancouver and not another city. Honestly, all my friends who are born in Ontario/Toronto have no idea what they’ve been missing. Don’t get me wrong. There are still perks of living in Toronto but it is really nothing compared to Vancouver.

I’m meeting my friend for dinner and then seeing Saving Mr. Banks later today. Upcoming blog post will be Mary Poppins related. So, I will also be discussing Saving Mr. Banks in it. Stay tune!

Back In Vancouver – DAY 2 and DAY 3
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