I have been very busy catching up with friends and seeing as much stuff as possible since I have been back in Vancouver. It has now been a week since I have been back! I am going to recap on stuff I have done since Thursday.

In my previous post on Thursday, I mentioned I was going to see Saving Mr. Banks! The movie was amazing. I loved that I finally got the “full” Mary Poppins treatment. I keep having songs stuck in my head especially Let’s Go Fly A Kite. The Mary Poppins blog post will be up sometime this week! Plus my friend Ida and I ate at our favorite Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant, Chau Veggiexpress. The coconut drink is a must! I have had all their dishes by now and they are all really amazing! Sometimes you cannot tell that there is no meat in it. It was finally nice to eat “healthy” foods again. I was craving for the food the whole day that I was too hungry to take pics from there again.

On Friday, my dad and I went for a massage at our usual place in Richmond. After we went to a relative’s restaurant (West Lake Vietnamese restaurant) to have Pho. We would normally stop by his place for lunch whenever we are in Richmond. Before I met up with my friend Janet at Pacific Centre later, I finished the remaining Christmas shopping I had to do and checked out Festival Of Trees upstairs of Pacific Centre. It was nice to see different decorated Christmas trees in support for BC Children’s Hospital. The festival of trees extends into the hallways of the Four Seasons Hotel which I didn’t go in. I may go back and check out the rest but I feel like I saw a good amount!

When Janet and I met up, we went to watch American Hustle! The movie is really good! Jennifer Lawrence is really amazing in the movie and all her scenes were my favorite. Amy Adams was also remarkable in the movie. The movie is a good homage to other gangster movies such as Goodfellas. Overall, all the performances were remarkable in the movie including the screenplay which I can see why the movie has been getting lots of nominations so far. Later, we met up with my other friend, Amanda, where we ate at Ap Gu Jung (Janet’s favorite Korean restaurant). We then traveled in the snow/wet slush ground to get some Bubble Tea. Dragon Ball bubble tea ended up been closed for a month. We found out when we got there. So, we went to Soho restaurant. It was my first time going there. I had Jasmine Green Milk Tea with coconut jelly and tofu dessert. I haven’t had tofu dessert in ages. So, it was nice to have that again. The way they made it and served in the bamboo bowl was really cool.

I did even more over the weekend which include Christmas dinner with my friends and checking out Illuminations of Heritage Christmas at Burnaby Village Museum. Check out the next upcoming post for the recap!

Back In Vancouver – DAY 4 & DAY 5

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