The weekend before Christmas involved hanging out with my close friends and making Christmas dinner. We each bought ingredients. I bought the potato and some snacks. We made Turkey, vegetables and mashed potatoes. We also had ham and turkey. It was delicious. It was nice catching up with my friends especially ones who I haven’t talked over Skype with. Turkey perfection!

On Sunday, Amanda and I went to check out the Illuminations of Heritage Christmas at Burnaby Village Museum. It was my first time ever being at Burnaby Village Museum. I love the history and seeing how things were done back then. The touch of Christmas music being played in each of the building was also a nice touch. It felt like we were in the time period. I was also amazed at how much work the volunteers must have had to learn in order to keep in character with their roles they played in the building they were in charge of. My favorite part was seeing the oven that was used back then actually still being used and seeing someone make cookies from them. Also, using the water pump. A lot of hard work the people had to do back then. I admired them more than I did before.

Back In Vancouver – Weekend – DAY 6 and DAY 7

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