I haven’t had much time to do more blogging as I have been busy before and after Christmas. As 2014 slowly approaches, I find myself having more time to update my sites and figured it would be a good time to also recap on other stuff I did last week.

On Monday, I met up with my friend Ida again and we went to UBC to visit our former co workers at Irving K Barber Library. It was nice catching up with some of them especially the ones who I didn’t get to see the last time I stopped by earlier this year. I also stopped by the Chan Centre which was where I worked before I had moved to Toronto and caught up with my manager, Trevor. He was from Toronto. So, we talked about Toronto and what has been going on at Chan Centre since I left. Also, what I have been up to too!

As I previously mentioned my main Christmas dinners were on Boxing Day and on Saturday. It was nice to catch up with family. For Christmas, I got two presents from my aunt and Grandma. Yes I received other “gifts”, they were money. I was very excited about my presents from my aunt and Grandma as they were winter sweaters. My aunt also got me a scarf and nail polish! Basically, I got everything I needed and love! I managed to go to Metrotown twice while catching up with my friends (Friday and Sunday). There is now a Disney store and Target there! I honestly can’t remember if I knew there was a Victoria Secret there or if that was new too. I normally go to Silvercity side more than Metrotown. I finished off my Boxing Day week shopping by getting rubber boots, duffel bag and pantyhose/tights! Everything I need to bring back with me to Toronto. In terms of theatre and film, I watched The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. I could see why it didn’t get good ratings as it was predictable but I really enjoyed it and it made my travel bug come back! I saw Jack and The Beanstalk: An East Van Panto at York Theatre which I loved! It was everything I thought it would be. It made me proud to have grown up in East Van! I saw It’s Snowing On Saltspring at Granville Island Stage on Saturday. It was great as well and funny! I really loved the set change during intermission. It started to look more like Christmas with all the presents, stuffed animals etc. I felt like I was a little kid again. As for food, I have been cooking and baking a lot. I ate at more restaurants: Banana Leaf, Cattle Cafe, Cupcakes, Kawawa Japanese restaurant and went back to Soho restaurant for bubble tea. Otherwise, it was a fulfilling week! You can find all the food pics over on my instagram @jasjwang

Tomorrow, I will be getting ready for the New Years Eve Great Gatsby party I am going to! I will have a couple of more blog posts up before 2014!

Back In Vancouver – WEEK #2

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