It was recently announced that Veronica Mars will indeed be released on March 14 in Canada. Thanks to Cineplex for helping to distribute to some of their theatres across Canada! The movie will both be screening in Vancouver and Toronto! Woohoo! After Veronica Mars was officially funded on Kickstarter, I was hoping to be able to still go to the LA premiere and after party but I knew I wasn’t sure anymore once I moved to Toronto in June. I kept dreading on when the premiere will be and if it will be possible with my current job. I have been trying so hard to make it work but trying to plan the trip to LA kept not being possible! So, I was still happy that the movie is indeed coming out in Canada the same day and I won’t need to travel to see the movie in theatres. Yes, I am guaranteed to see the movie regardless (digitally) but it is not the same! Now it has been announced that everyone will be able to see Veronica Mars on March 14! There will now be a digital and download options coming up which is totally cool! I cannot wait to see the movie in theatres with my friend on March 13! The day before it is officially released! Right now, I am enjoying doing my Veronica Mars marathon! Counting down the days!

Canadian fans, buy your ticket(s) to see the movie in theatres here for its limited theatre run (March 13-20).

Upcoming: Veronica Mars Advanced Screening (March 13)
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