During this long winter, I have not been going out much and it affected me blogging more! My laziness also came into factor as well! Now that it is finally spring, I am planning on checking out more cool events, see more theatre and movies! Even though it may be spring right now, it still feels like winter here in Toronto! I hope it will feel more like Spring soon! Here is a brief recap of what I have done since February! Theatre, Films, Events and more!


I was volunteering for Rhubarb Festival last month! I got to see lots of great shows, support some of my friends’ works and I was glad to be part of the 35th anniversary! Having a major in Theatre, I know a lot of gay actors and have gone to school with people who are gay! Even some of my favorite celebrities are gay! So I am happy to continue to show my support and see what the gay community is like here in Toronto through the performances I got to see!

Soulpepper started last month their Salon Series! The cabaret setting was on the show’s Idiot’s Delight “The Grand Hotel” set with the same actors performing! I saw From Berlin To Broadway before I went to see Idiot’s Delight! It was great to see how the time period goes well together for both shows! I was so glad I got to go see this! FUN FACT: My first theatre performance I saw in Toronto was Soulpepper’s Angels In America in August! It will be returning in June! I just love to see shows there and take advantage of getting my tickets through StagePlay. Some videos below:

I also got to see Canadian Stages’ London Road! I love how Toronto theatre community makes me feel young with their under 30 discounts!

At work, we recently co presented with Aluna Theatre, Rutas Panamericanas Festival. It was a crazy 9 days of work but it was nice seeing lots of people attend the festival and the variety of international works being presented. I even got to see ONE show! Yea.. when you work in box office, you can’t always get to see everything! I also got to see our final show for our 31st season, In Spirit which was written and directed by our former artistic director, Tara Beagan! Right now, we have Acting Up Stage‘s Elegies: A Song Cycle in our theatre space, Aki Studio which I saw yesterday. It was really beautiful and touching show! You definitely can relate to more than one story when you have experienced lost and having to say ‘goodbye to someone’. Since Aki Studio is a black box theatre, it definitely helped make the show more intimate. Doing a musical performance definitely helps with this subject too! It runs till April 13!


Sadly, there is not much films I want or have to see this year! Definitely The 86th Academy Awards was a must watch for me to see earlier this month! I did manage to see The Great Beauty last month which won Best Foreign Picture at the Oscars. Besides Veronica Mars being the most important thing I needed to see this month, I also recently watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and before that, The Wind Rises! All which I highly recommend!

In terms of film related events, I volunteered for 360 Screenings‘ Romeo and Juliet (Valentine’s Day) event and continue volunteering with WIFT-T‘s Career Advancement Program events!


On Sunday, I went to check out Canada Blooms with my friend, Kat. It is the largest Flower and Garden Festival in Canada which was held at Direct Energy Centre! It was interesting to see all the different floral designs, works and the gardens! Sometimes you would forget you are not outside! It is amazing how they managed to get some of these inside. It clearly took a lot of work!

As March comes to an end, I hope to start seeing even more theatre performances, watch more movies and attend more events and festivals! I will also hopefully start blogging more again on all my ‘outings’. Stay tune!

March Blog Catch Up Updates
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