I was originally planning a lot more blog posts last month but they never happened. I started the month with my wifi acting up and I had stuff in my personal life. So, I just never found the time. I got swamp with events that I also kind of got lazy! Even though I may have been unmotivated and lazy online, I had such an amazing month of events and got to see more than I had originally anticipated at Toronto International Film Festival. Below is a quick recap of all the events, shows, etc that I managed to go to:

CFC BBQ Fundraiser
I got a chance to volunteer for CFC BBQ Fundraiser as part of the Raffles Team. I got to see so many local talent including famous ones. The highlight was seeing Jason Priestley!

Toronto International Film Festival (Sept 4-14)
Since I was free the entire festival, I made sure to attend as much as possible from the Street Festival, checking out stage door to see celebrities, check out red carpets and more! My main goal at the festival was to not only see more than I did last year but to see a variety. I pretty much focused my line up this year on festival buzz films, Canadian films, directorial debut films and of course, I got to see films with some of my favs (Jennifer Garner, Anna Kendrick, Jessica Chastain and Marion Cotillard). I attended 19 film screenings and one of them was a Canadian shorts program!

WIFT-T TIFF Reception
I got to volunteer for the reception again this year! Technically, this was my only ‘TIFF party’. It was nice to see more local talent I recognize.

Nightwood Theatre New Groundswell Festival
I got to volunteer for a couple of shifts for Nightwood Theatre’s New Groundswell Festival which was happening during TIFF. I was only able to see one of the readings but it was still great! I love to support female artists in the theatre community!

I volunteered for JFL42 again! My goal at the festival was to see more comedy shows than I did last year and go to different venues. I managed to see:

– Headliner: Lena Duhnam followed by interview with Jian Ghomesi
– Nikki Glaser at Mod Club
– New Faces of Comedy at Comedy Bar
– Mike Birbiglia at Queen Elizabeth Theatre
– Paul F Thompkins at Queen Elizabeth Theatre
– Throwdown at Bad Dog Repertory Theatre

Ed Sheeran concert at Air Canada Centre
This was a birthday present to myself! Let’s just say! This was epic! The best concert I’ve been too!

Reel Asian Co Presentation screening: Moebius
I won tickets to see Moebius at The Royal.. Let’s just say I will remember this experience forever as the movie was freakin crazy lol.

I volunteered for the ArtsVote at TIFF Bell Lightbox. My first time actually attending a mayoral debate or even really listening to one. I am not into politics but since living in Toronto for over a year, I need to pay more attention especially when it comes to the arts!

For more updates on what I attended in September, you can find pictures on my instagram @jasjwang. You can tweet me @jasjwang. Make sure to hashtag #JasmineGoesTo!

September Events [RECAP]
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