My blog was down for a few days but I didn’t realize until a couple days ago when I wanted to finally write another blog post. I am very certain my recap of the January events, theatre and films I saw were one of the post that were gone! I decided to rewrite a quick recap of my favorite theatre and films I saw last month. I normally try to see an even amount of theatre and films but last month I definitely saw a lot more theatre.

Once I arrived back in Toronto after coming back from a nice 2 week trip home in Vancouver, I did some volunteer shifts with Next Stage Theatre Festival again! I got to see 5 productions which include DINK, For A Good Time Call Kathy Blanchard, Big Shot, Mine and Pulse. I thought I saw more than I did last year but I saw exactly the same amount. They were all great but my favorites were definitely Big Shot and Mine! Big Shot took place in Vancouver around an incident at a skytrain station. The show being about Vancouver and the references only a Vancouverite would understand was one of the main reasons why it was my favorite. Also how this one man show was performed. Mine was also a favorite. Seeing how a romantic relationship between two women form and the way the story was told you find out what happens in their relationship. Honorable mention goes to Pulse! I got to be on stage at the end. I am just glad I was asked to do a two step if I have to do a dance solo, this could have ended up being a nightmare for me. Having seen Jasmyn Fyffe Dance last year with Jack Your Body I knew I could be expected to go on stage.

The rest of my theatre outings included: Nightwood Theatre‘s Her2, Canadian Stage‘s The Other Place, Tarragon Theatre‘s Waiting Room and Lungs, Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre‘s Getting Hitched: An Engagement Party directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Crows Theatre‘s The Seagull, Mirvish‘s Potted Potter & Booom. With all the serious, emotional and heartwarming plays I saw, of course I needed to spend one of my Sundays at the Comedy Bar seeing Sunday Night Live! My favorites were ones that hit me the most and reminded me of my childhood and growing up with my family (cancer, hospitals etc to name a few). That is why there is no surprise that it would be Her2, Waiting Room and The Seagull (which had an impressive sold out run)

Surprisingly the only film I watched last month was Golden Globe winner, Leviathan which is also the top contender for Best Foreign Picture at the Oscars

Highlights from January

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