Earlier this month, I got a chance to attend the Canadian Screen Awards as a seat filler. CSA has been one of the events I have been wanting to be able to have a chance to go to. I am just glad I got to check it off my list for this year. It was also my first time being a seat filler. After watching Neil Patrick Harris host the Oscars and reference ‘seat fillers’ in the audience, it made me more excited that I was going to be able to do this at CSs. I definitely didn’t need to be on camera or be mentioned in anyway while I was at the CSA. I just wanted to be there to support Canadian films and TV. Having watched most of the shows or films or at least heard of them, it just felt like I needed to be part of this year’s CSA in some form. I got a chance to volunteer during Canadian Screen Week but CSA was the main thing for me. It was super fun and being around people I admire. I was super excited that both Orphan Black and Mommy took home lots of awards. By far my favorite Canadian TV Show and my favorite film of 2014! Definitely way better than Oscars! Although this year for Oscars, I went to the Oscars screening at TIFF Bell Lightbox. That was cool being in the Member’s Bell Media Lounge for the first time. I could have checked it out sooner as I’m a member. It was fun but very long due to the commercials. It was a lot of waiting but I did fil out an Oscar ballot for fun. Even though I have seen NPH done more amazing hostings (ex. Tony Awards), it was worth watching NPH hosting the Oscars even if there were jokes that really just did not work at all. There was not any real surprises on the winners for either award shows but glad I got to watch and be a part of both in some form!

Oscars & Canadian Screen Awards [RECAP]
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