Wow! I haven’t blogged in a while. If you have been keeping up with me on social media especially on Twitter, you know I am constantly going out! I recently went back home for less than a week near the end of May. I wanted to not only go back home sooner but May felt like a decent time as flights wouldn’t be as expensive and it was also an excuse to be back home to celebrate my birthday with friends and family. Most of my trip was to mainly spend time with family and to meet up with my friends especially ones who I haven’t seen in a while.

Every time I go home now, I always get asked if I would consider moving back to Vancouver or if I’m planning on staying in Toronto permanently. I have only been living in Toronto for almost 2 years now (later this month, it will officially be 2 years!). I really don’t know. I just know I do a lot in Toronto and I am always able to keep myself busy (going to events, screenings etc) than I would be able to do back home in Vancouver. I still see Vancouver as home and even during my trip back, I just saw it as a quick trip home to relax and catch up. As of right now, I still don’t see myself moving back to Vancouver. We shall see!

What was on my must list during the trip was seeing Arts’ Club In The Heights which I had booked a couple of months prior. I have been wanting to see this since they announced their 2014-2015 season. I still wish I got a chance to see Lin in this show on Broadway. I was most excited when I heard Elena Juatco was going to be in it. So seeing the show became more of an important goal and why this trip back home had to happen! I also got to meet Elena again after the show and finally bought her album Beyond The Lines! My favorite song off her album is Away (Coming Home To You). Watch the music video below:

You can purchase Beyond The Lines on ITunes and GooglePlay.

Besides my usual plans in Vancouver of walking the sea wall and visiting Granville Island Public Market (especially Granville Island Tea Co. to stoke up on tea), it is always about eating at my favorite restaurants or trying new restaurants! Vancouver food is still the best. Below are some of my food recommendations of the restaurants I visited this time around:

Dinasty Dumpling House
– Delicious Shanghai food. Locations in both Vancouver and Richmond.

Grandville Island Tea Co.
– Besides purchasing bags of teas, you can get tea on the go! Their masala chai is the best!

Meat & Bread
– menu changes daily! Delicious sandwiches

My Greek Taverna
– Comes with a lot of food! I had roasted lamb Locations in Coquitlam and Surrey. See photo of the meal below. Yum:

A photo posted by Jasmine (@jasjwang) on

Thierry Chocolaterie Pastiserrie Cafe
– Finally had their pasteries here! They are delicious! Besides their teas and chocolate!

True Confections
– My go to dessert place for cakes and pies!

Going to Chapters on Roboson St for the last time before it officially closed

Chatime officially opened a location in Vancouver along Broadway and Fir! So Vancouver now has even more bubble tea places to go to! I knew about Chatime when I first officially moved to Toronto. So, it is nice to see that in Vancouver now too.

My ‘Pre Birthday’ Trip Back Home to Vancouver
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