As July slowly comes to an end, I realized that I still have a lot of summer plans I need to figure out for next month. I started July very busy seeing 27 shows during Toronto Fringe Festival, day trip to Niagara for Shaw Festival, Panamania shows and events and TIFF In The Park. I never been so busy before till the point my feet were tired from walking. I blame the Toronto heat.

One of the reasons I love Toronto is that there is so many events happening during the summer. Luckily, as of right now, August does not seem to be that busy for me but there is still plenty of stuff happening in the city then. Here is a list of events and trips I am hoping to attend and go to.

Best Of Fringe
Best of Fringe ends today. I managed to see three shows (People’s Suck, God’s Beard and Gavin Crawford’s Friend #Like Me) during Fringe. So, just need to see Morro and Jasp Does Puberty and A Man Walks Into A Bar which I missed seeing during Fringe which I will be seeing tonight.

Summerworks Performance Festival
The next major theatre festival of the summer is Summerworks. Last year, I bought a 3 play pass. I am hoping to see at least 3 shows again this year.

I finally booked my day trip for Stratford next month. I will be seeing The Sound of Music and The Diary of Anne Frank. I need to figure out what else I will be doing while I am in Stratford as I haven’t been there before. I know I am considering going to see Anne Frank exhibit at Startford Perth Musuem.

Two years and I still haven’t visited the ROM. So, I am planning on finally checking this off my list next month!

CNE (August 21-Sept 7)
Hoping to attend the CNE again this year. I am planning on taking advantage of $6 after 5pm deal.

CityFest (August 22)
When I first moved to my new place, it was around the time CityFest took place last year. So, excited to attend this free event right across from me!

Shaw Festival
This is not 100% confirmed yet. I am still hoping to see a couple more shows. Hoping to do another day trip to Niagara next month!

And of course the outdoor screenings:

TIFF In The Park
I have two more screenings I will definitely need to go to. The Artist and Pride and Prejudice.

SPOTLIGHT: Open Roof Festival
Sadly, I won’t be able to make it this year as it conficts with TIFF In The Park but the remaining films look great!

I am sure by the time August arrives I will be going to even more events around the city! Otherwise, I will be more in ‘relaxing mode’ before September hits as I know I will be seeing lots of films at 40th Toronto International Film Festival. Stay tune for more posts on TIFF to come!

My Summer Plans
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