The last couple of weeks TIFF has announced even more programming announcements. I delayed writing about the films and TV shows/web series as I was trying to also figure out what I wanted to see. I have decided to break down by category. Not sure how I am going to see in the end but here is some of them I may consider:


They announced even more Canadian films which includes the shorts. I previously mentioned Brooklyn and Remember as a couple of the Canadian films I am interested in seeing. I am also now interested in seeing the short film, Boxing and It’s Not You and more feature films like Into The Forest, Everything Will Be Fine, Beena Boys and She Stoops To Conquer. I got to see CFC’s short film, Benjamin during the 2105 CFC Short Dramatic Film Showcase. I love that film. So make sure to go see it! Here’s some of the those trailers below:

She Stoops To Conquer


View all the Canadian films announced so far


I was very excited for Midnight Madness lineup. One of the films that I was hoping would be announced it. That is The Final Girls (starring Nina Dobrev, Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman) which was a hit during Sundance, The Girl In Photographs (starring Katherine Isabelle) and The Green Room (starring Imogen Poots, Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin). Watch the clip below:

Green Room

View Midnight Madness lineup


Primetime is one of the new TIFF programs where webseries and TV shows can premiere at TIFF. One of the shows I will definitely try to squeeze in is to seeing Heroes Reborn. I was a fan of Heroes when the series aired on NBC. Heroes Reborn films in Toronto. So I wasn’t too surprised it would have it’s premiere at TIFF. Another show that interested me is Jason Reitman’s Casual. I always been a fan of Jason. So definitely will try to check the show as well.

Heroes Reborn

View the Primetime lineup.

The best of the festival are now part of a new program called Platform. I have yet to figure out which of the films I want to see but definitely going to see at least one of the in this program! They are the ones scheduled near the beginning of the festival. So, it could be hard to fit them into my schedule.

View the Platform lineup

Check out Vanguard, Docs, Cinematheque and Masters line up! As of right now, don’t have much I really need to see in these categories!

Tomorrow is another programming announcement before the final TIFF titles and official schedule is released next week! Hoping for more of the films I really want to see to be announced!

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