“Safety Not Guaranteed” Review

Before I left for my Comic-Con trip, I finally saw Safety Not Guaranteed. I have been interested in seeing the movie when it first got announced and Kristen Bell was attached. Yes Kristen was partially the reason I saw it but I also saw it for Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson and Aubrey Plaza! Plus, I love watching independent films! The movie was selected for Sundance Film Festival and was one of the movies that critics loved! When I found out that the movie had a limited release, I thought my chances of seeing it would be low but when I saw Magic Mike at Cineplex Odeon and noticed the movie was playing there, I knew I had to come back!

Safety Not Guaranteed is the story about three magazine employees (Darius, Jeff and
Arnau) trying to report a story on an advertisement seeking out a companion for time travel. There is mystery behind this ad and Kenneth who posted the ad that keeps us entertained. The movie has a combination of different genres from romance, comedy, science fiction and more . Also, you got to love the Star Wars references! You have Aubrey Plaza going all Veronica Mars trying to figure out the mysteries of Kenneth (played by Mark Dupass) while her two colleagues have their own goals and paths to figure out during this trip. The more intense the mission gets the more we learn about each character and what this journey means to them. From love, acceptance and to finding confidence, all the characters fulfill their purpose and you are left with a heartfelt story no matter how weird the journey may have initially seemed! You will laugh and you may cry! There are certain scenes resonate in my mind even weeks after I have seen the movie! It was how certain important past events was revealed that made the movie so touching! That’s what is great about independent movies. You get to see something different and creative put together. I love how all these characters are very different but in the end, the chemistry between all of them come together. And yes Kristen Bell was great in her small role! Watch the trailer below:

Safety Not Guaranteed is playing in selected theatres. Make sure to check your local listings and visit the official site. It is definitely a film you do not want to miss!


Comic-Con 2012: Save The Date Panel [Photos]

My highlight for Saturday during Comic-Con was going to the Save The Date panel! Not only did I get to see Alison but Lizzy and Martin too! So I knew I was going to attend regardless when the panel was first announced!

Since the actual panel did not start until around 11am, I knew I did not need to line up that early but I still wanted to make sure I would get in. So I woke up at 5:30am and ended up in the main lineup before or around 6am. So when I got in the convention center, I was the first person in line for Room 5AB. I never been first person in line for anything before. It was kind of awesome and kind of sad at the same time since I was there for the second panel and not the first one. The only regret I had for lining up early was pretty much freezing to death because of the air condition in the convention center! I was directly under the AC during the line up. It was cool though since most of us in the line up that were there early were for Save The Date and not for Hot Town: Fairies in the City (That was actually interesting though and some awesome books). The best part though was getting Save The Movie: The Making of “Save The Date” comic early while in the line up. The comic is very informative! It is awesome that they were able to cast their “dream” cast.

When it was time for Save The Date panel, Alison was the first one to arrive. Gosh she is so beautiful in real life and up close and I was so happy I chose the right seat to sit in. While she was arriving to the stage of the panel, people started coming up to Alison and asking for her autograph and taking pics. I guess the “Canadian” in me came into play since it did not take me until there started to be a bunch of people coming up to Alison to make my move. I also knew the panel would start soon. So I did not get a chance to talk or meet Alison but I was close to meeting her. I just really love Alison’s personality and she even showed off her rapping skills even at the panel too when a fan brought it up during Q&A.

Lizzy and Martin both arrived late for the panel but they started without them. When Lizzy arrived, she switched seats with Alison which was even better since Alison was a seat closer to facing me. There were a bunch of cute moments between Alison and Lizzy as well as Alison and Martin during the panel. I love it when Alison starts lying down on Martin even Party Down Movie was brought up during Q&A! During the panel, they showed the art works of the movie along with some footages from the movie which included the opening credits:

The most important scene was at the club where Andrew (Martin Starr) playing with his band. Kevin (Geoffrey Arend) proposes to Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) who completely freaks out. Beth (Alison Brie) runs out to comforts Sarah.

It was the beginning scene of the movie! Lots of adorable and funny moments!

Overall, I really enjoyed the panel and looking forward to the movie even more! The room was smaller compared to the others as well. Those who didn’t attend missed out. Also at the end of the panel, a bunch of people started heading to the front trying to get autographs and pics with Alison, Lizzy and Martin. Of course, I was not fast enough and also I knew we had to leave since the next panel was about to start. I guess in the end I learned that it is not my gut instinct to rush towards a celebrity I like trying to get their autographs or talk to them especially knowing the fact there would be a good chance I would get yelled at. So a lot of people were getting yelled out and we were all being told that we had to leave now! I am pretty sure I forgotten some major interesting details from the panel. So if you have questions or comments, leave them below!

You will find my pics on my sites: Alison Brie Web and Lizzy Caplan Web. They are tagged because they are taken by me and only exclusive for my two sites. The movie opens in theatres on November 16!


Extra at Comic-Con: Psych [Photos] & How I Became A “Psycho”

I am officially a Psycho! I have been catching up with Psych before I left for my trip to Comic-Con. I have my friend, Hannah to thank who finally got me to watch some episodes of Psych during our trip to Toronto last summer. I fell in love with the show right away but I never got around to finally catch up until now! I always knew the show and the cast are awesome. Plus the show films here in Vancouver! I just never had the time. So what got me to finally catch up with the show was the possibility of going to the Psych panel at Nerd HQ which started my crazy marathon of watching a lot of episodes before the trip. I managed to finish Season 1 before I met up with Hannah to see Brave. I got her to lend me her Season 2 and Season 3 dvds and I finished Season 2 the day before I had to leave for San Diego. I decided to not attend the Nerd HQ panel since I was not yet caught up with the show but that did not stop me from seeing something “Psych” related during Comic-Con!

On Thursday, I decided to see the Psych interview on the Extra stage! This was the first interview on the Extra stage that I went to which gave me reasons why I just had to come back for all the others that I ended up attending. Since this was the first day, not many people knew about it. Plus, those crazy Twilighters and other possibly sane people were lining up for Hall H. So there was literally only possibly 10 people besides me that were there. Keep in mind this was the first interview on Extra stage. There was a Chuck table reading beforehand which I did not get to see. I was maybe #4/#5 person that was there while they were fixing the lights before the interview. It was raining a bit which was why they needed to fix the lights but the rain stopped though. I was pretty much in the front row and took awesome pics on my camera and my Blackberry. One of my favorite parts of the interview is James’ answer about Maggie which was too adorable! What did pop in my head was how Dulé and James were really keeping themselves busy by doing Nerd HQ, Extra and then their Psych panel later! Watch the interview below:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

So when I got back from my trip on the 16th, I have been continuing with the marathon and now I am finally done! While I was doing the marathon, I spoiled myself with Shawn and Juliet stuff since I wanted to know when they were getting together. I did that while I was watching Season 3. I also ended up watching a bunch of James and Maggie’s interviews and even watched their episode on Fear Itself where they literally play a couple getting married and it’s kind of like a dark crazy alternate reality of their couple on Psych (Watch the rest of the episode at that users youtube page). I even watched the panel and other interviews during Comic-Con! After listening to over an hours worth of Alison Brie’s interview with Janet Varney for her JV Club podcast on Friday, I randomly saw that Maggie did an interview with Jane too which caused me to spend the next hour or more listening to the interview (Jane was in an episode of Psych and starred in a movie with Maggie for those who don’t know). Yea..And I am caught up with Psych and a complete Psycho now.. Whatever shall I do now..

You can find all my awesome pics soon at my friend, Jenny’s site: Psych Fan.


Extra at Comic-Con: Community [Photos]

My mission at Comic-Con was to attend as much Alison Brie stuff as possible! So I attended both the Community panel and Community interview on Extra stage. I also attended Save The Date panel which will be in another update. My pics at both the panel and the interview were not that great but they were better than nothing! You can find all my pics at my site: Alison Brie Web. Watch the Extra interview below:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Save The Date panel pics will be at my sites: Alison Brie Web and Lizzy Caplan Web later today which will also include a blog about the panel!


Extra at Comic-Con: Bones [Photos]

I went to both the Bones panel in Ballroom 20 and Emily and David’s interview on the Extra stage. Emily and David were too cute! I loved how David wanted to make sure Emily was hydrated during their interview on the Extra stage. Watch the interview below:

I have given my pics at both the panel and the Extra interview to my friends Rachel and Biba. You can find it over their sites.


Comic-Con 2012: Hit and Run Screening [Photos]

As I mentioned before, I went to the Hit and Run screening during Comic-Con with Mari and Dani. Unfortunately, we didn’t get pics during the Q&A since the cinema did not have good lighting and the Q&A was kinda of in the dark too. So it was hard to get pics at all. After the Q&A, we managed to get pic(s) with Dax. Adam took a second pic just in case the first one was not good enough. Dax was super sweet. He stayed to take pics with pretty much all of us. We decided to just take one pic together since it was faster and easier that way. Pics > autographs. Unfortunately, Tom Arnold disappeared later or else we would have tried to get pics with him too. Here is an edited picspam of our pics with Dax below:

You can read the rest of my Comic-Con recap/highlights. I will have my review up soon along with various other Comic-Con pics I have taken.


My Comic-Con Recap & Highlights

I got back from Comic-Con last Monday! I finally caught all my sites up on all latest stuff while I was down in San Diego. I did not get a chance to blog on here because the internet at the hotel sucked and I never got managed to have enough online time to post. So instead of blogging about each of my days, I have decided to recap on stuff I did each day and all my highlighted moments! I was not able to attend everything I wanted but I am glad I did managed to attend some I wanted to. I was overall happy of what I saw and went to. Definitely, enjoyed this year’s Comic Con experience than last year’s. I am glad last year I only attended two days and that this year was not my first time!

Important stuff I learned about myself during Comic-Con:
– That is true. I just have better chances in meeting male celebrities than female celebrities.
– That I need to have some sort of internet on me. (One of the reasons having a blackberry sucks when you are not on a domestic trip = Can’t use twitter or internet on blackberry)
– That I do have a good eye for recognizing celebrities!
– That there is no real point in scheduling my plans. I end up changing it (My schedule before Comic-Con)
– Being “Canadian” gets the best of me aka I am too “nice”.

July 10

Day 1 of relaxing day in San Diego!

– Getting lost trying to meet Sara at the airport! (She was in a different terminal)
– Grocery shopping at Ralph’s.
– Swimming at our hotel’s outdoor pool
– Spotted Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) with son while swimming
– Hotel reunion with roomies (Sara, Carrie, Tina & Felicia) and dinner!

July 11

Day 2 of relaxing day before Comic-Con. (No preview pass). Location scouting 😉

– Brunch.
– Look for Extra at Comic-Con stage.
– Picked up my San Diego badge at Country and Hotel Inn. (Lucky to have arrived early. No line ups to get badge but line up to head back! Traffic jams/accidents)
– Getting lost and confused in Westfield Horton Plaza!
– Found United Artists (Hit and Run screening for tomorrow!)
– No plans for San Diego Zoo. (Found out the zoo was a lot bigger and did not have time!)

I will have lots of reviews coming soon onto the site that I managed to have up before and during Comic-Con! Stay tune!

July 12

First day of Comic-Con. Rooming in Room 6BCDF and Hit and Run screening

– Exhibition Hall
– Failed to figure out autographs.
– Extra at Comic Con: Psych interview (Around 10 people and got amazing pics!)
– Attending following panels in Room 6BCF: Capcorn: Streetfighter 25th Anniversary, Blizzard Entertainment Showcase, Assassin’s Creed III, Fiction of Halo and Nikita
Hit and Run screening with Q&A with Mari and Dani. (Love winning VIP pass). Met Dax Shepard!
– Line up around 11:30pm for Friday’s panels with Felicia.

July 13

2nd day of Comic-Con: Rooming in Ballroom 20.

– Around 2am. Joss Whedon being super cool and taking pics with fans and signing autographs.
– Meeting my wifey, Janelle who randomly found me in the line up!
– Attending the following panels in Ballroom 20: Community, Legend Of Korra, Firefly 10 Year Anniversary, Bones
– Spotted Glee’s Samuel Larsen and Brad Falchuck arriving at Comic-Con.
– Extra at Comic Con: Bones, Children’s Hospital plus Table Reading, The Big Bang Theory, Community

July 14

3rd day of Comic-Con. Starring at beautiful Alison Brie, Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr. Meeting more celebrities.

– Being the first person in line for Room 5AB. For Save The Date which is the 2nd panel.
– Given Save The Date comic in advance since I was the first person in line and mainly there for the panel.
– Freezing while waiting in line in front of Room 5AB. The damn air con!
– Attended panels in Room 5AB: Hot Town: Fairies in the City and Save The Date
– Attended panel in Room 6BCF: A Conversation with Bryan Fuller
– Being in the front row and starring directly at Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie and Martin Starr!
– Being close to meeting Alison Brie.
– Extra at Comic-Con: Shameless, The Vampire Diaries (Forgot about Fringe but if I did, the following two celeb encounters below would not have occurred)
– Met Ken Marino in front of Comic Con while heading from Extra back to hotel.
– Arrived at hotel and went to Starbucks. While getting the fruit cup, I backed up and stepped on Kyle Newman‘s feet. I didn’t realize who was behind me or that it was him until we were waiting for our coffee and then I realized. (I didn’t say hi or anything because I was too embarrassed but he knows since I tweeted him about it and told me next time I must say hi. lol. View the tweet.)
– Went to signing and met Michael McMillian again where Tina told him I ran 30 sites. I will never forget his reaction and what he said lol)
– Attended War Of The Worlds: Goliath with Q&A with Tina. (I was her plus one for VIP)
Slam Con. (Brea Grant is busy as a bee. Didn’t meet her but saw her :))
– Spotted. Jamie Kennedy leaving hotel.

July 15

Day 4. Last day of Comic-Con.

– Check out Nerd HQ and Exhibition Hall with Felcia.
– Attended Room 6BCF panels: DC Nation Screening and Q&A, Buffy Turns 20
– Thanks to following Sara, Met Chad Michael Murray while at Arcadia booth. Bought Everlast and talked to him. (Several pics with Chad because the chick who took the pics kinda went paparazzi) – Younger fan girl self came back! (Huge CMM and OTH fan back in the day)
– Spotted. Kyle Newman and Jaime King in a hurry at the hotel.
– Heroes Return to Primatech Meet-Up

Overall, I was happy with my experience this year at Comic-Con. It was way better last year. If only I had a clone of myself and could have attended everything I wanted too. I really do love or watch too much stuff.

What I missed and wished I could have attended:

After screening – If it was possible on Thursday after Hit and Run, I would have gone. Also who know where I would be in the Comic Con lineup for Ballroom 20 if I was able to attend.
Nerd HQ – I was hoping to attend again but the panels I wanted to see were either sold out or were on sale when I was not online.
Hall H – Somehow I managed to avoid Hall H this year. So I missed a bunch of movie panels. If only it was possible to have seen Anna’s ParaNorman panel and Joe’s Looper panel on Friday. I may have been able to make it for Looper but decided not to take the chance. Same with Saturday with Iron Man 3.
True Blood – Maybe if I tried on Saturday after Save The Date, it may have been possible to get in but I would not have met Ken and stepped on Kyle Newman’s feet if I did try for it.

Pics I have taken at Comic-Con will be on my sites soon. The ones I have taken at Extra I have given or will be giving them to my friends for their sites! So stay tune! I will have a bunch of reviews to come! Along with a picspam of all my pics with celebs during Comic-Con but you can find them as twitpics on my twitter @syellefan88.


Comic-Con 2012: My Schedule Update

I have finally arrived in San Diego. Today and tomorrow I will be busy revising my potential Comic Con schedule of what I will be attending. So make sure to check back! I won a VIP pass to see Hit and Run. So I can now start planning more stuff to do on Thursday! (Read my previous schedule post)

EDIT: Last updated: July 11 at 10:53pm (Major changes)

Here is the list of my celebs right now attending for sure (List is subject to change.):

Alison Brie, Anna Kendrick, Ben Schwartz, Joe Manganiello, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lea Michele, Lizzy Caplan, Lyndsy Fonseca..

Stuff related to some of my celebs who aren’t attending are Candice Accola (The Vampire Diaries), Don Cheadle (Iron Man 3), Hit and Run screening (Kristen Bell) and After screening (Steven Strait)

Comic-Con ->Wednesday/Thursday Schedule | Friday Schedule | Saturday Schedule | Sunday Schedule

July 11 2012

Since I don’t have a preview pass, I am still thinking of probably going to the zoo and maybe checking out some stuff around San Diego. Still have no idea what I will be doing between 6-9 when everyone is attending preview night. While my friends are doing preview night, I may just do some shopping in the meantime.

Picked up my 4 day badge and went to Horton Plaza.

Parties To Consider:
Tweetup–Heroes/Comics/Ent.Industry Party

July 12 2012

As fun as scavenger hunting to find clues to see Lizzy Caplan‘s short film, Item 47. I dont think I will have time for this. So I might as well wait until The Avengers Blu Ray comes out. Info is below though:

If you’re going to be at Comic-Con and want to see the short, the “Avengers Second Screen” app will be available for free on iTunes this Friday, and it will provide a series of clues that will lead fans to a screening of Item 47 on the evening of Thursday, July 12th.

via Collider

Thinking of going to Extra’s Psych Q & A at 12:15.

E.L. James’ book (Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy) signing at 4pm. I may try to see how my chances are. I have yet to do an autograph signing.

The game plan for most of the day is to get my pass and walk around the exhibition hall. Here are panels I am thinking of attending:

Time Panel Room
2:05-3:05 Walt Disney Studio Hall H
6:00-7:00 Nikita (Lyndsy Fonseca) Room 6BCF
6:00-7:15 Dexter Ballroom 20

Update: I think I have decided to go to Nikita instead of Dexter. So I will go in during Assassin’s Creed III. After Nikita head to Hit and Run screening

Off Site Screenings/Signings:

Hit and Run autograph signing from 3:30-4:30pm:

THURSDAY: Meet talent from the hilarious upcoming action/comedy HIT & RUN, including writer/director and co-star DAX SHEPARD, along with on-screen talent TOM ARNOLD and JOY BRYANT. Thursday, July 12, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., at Hard Rock Hotel’s 207 bar and outside patio. HIT & RUN races into theaters everywhere on August 24.


Since I won a vip pass for the screening, I just need to be at least 15 mins early for the screening of Hit and Run which starts at 7:30pm.

I have a reserved ticket to see After at 9:30pm. Register at official site (Not sure if I will be able to make it but it is in the same area)

July 13 2012

It seems like my game plan will be Community and more Community. Extra announced their lineup and it’s outdoors! Bunch of panels I would miss today I can attend (like ParaNorman with Anna Kendrick They changed the time :()

Time Panel Room
10:00-11:00 Community (Alison Brie) Ballroom 20
10:45-11:45 ParaNorman (Anna Kendrick) Hall H
1:45-2:45 Bones Ballroom 20
12:05-1:05 The Big Bang Theory Hall H
1:25-2:25 The Walking Dead Hall H
2:45-3:45 Game of Thrones Hall H
4:35-6:35 Sony: Total Recall, Looper, and Elysium (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) Hall H
5:45-6:45 Spartacus: War of the Damned Room 6BCF

UPDATE: I think my game plan is now stay in ballroom 20 and leave through part way of Joss Whedon’s Dark Horse to head to Extra’s Community Q&A.

Extra’s Lineup for Comic Con:

— 10:00 AM: “Paranorman” cast, including Kodi Smit-McPhee, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Anna Kendrick

— 4:15 PM: “Bones” cast

— 5:30 PM: “The Big Bang Theory” cast

— 6:00 PM: “Community” cast, including Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs and Yvette Nicole Brown

Autograph Signings

The Walking Dead | 10:45am | [AMC Booth #3721]
Community | 11:30-12:30PM | [Sony Booth #4229]
The Big Bang Theory | 2:15-3:00 PM | Cast members from THE BIG BANG THEORY [CBS Booth #4129]
Children’s Hospital | 3:45-4:30pm | [WB Booth #4545]
Nikita | TBA | Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, and creator Craig Silverstein [WB Booth #4545]

Parties To Consider:
White Collar Fans at SDCC
Roddenberry’s Comic-Con Party
Drinkapalooza (9pm-2am)

July 14 2012

Save The Date (Alison Brie & Lizzy Caplan) is a must!

Time Panel Room
11:30-12:30 Save The Date (Alison Brie & Lizzy Caplan) Room 5AB
12:45-1:45 Open Roads: End of Watch and Silent Hill: Revelations 3D Hall H
1:00-2:00 TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites (Depends who attends) Indigo Ballroom
2:30-5:00 WB (Pacific Rim, Man Of Steel, The Hobbit) Hall H
3:30-4:15 The Vampire Diaries Screening Ballroom 20
4:30-5:15 True Blood (Joe Manganiello) Ballroom 20
6:00-7:00 Iron Man 3 Hall H

SIDE NOTE: Glee is in Indigo Ballroom. I am definitely not going to that. Maybe try for autograph signing but it depends what time that is.

UPDATE: Considering checking out Extra’s The Vampire Diaries Q&A at 2:30. Pretty certain I wont make it for True Blood. So decided not to try for it. I will maybe check out TVD Q & A but going to line up for Hall H try to get in for Iron Man 3 but also staying for Kevin Smith’s panel after.

House of Lies | 11:00 AM-12:15 PM | Ben Schwartz and Josh Lawson from HOUSE OF LIES [CW/CBS Booth #4129]
Once Upon A Time | 12:15 to 1:00 | [Room 28C]

Parties To Consider:
Slam Con

July 15

I am not picky with what I do on this day.

Time Panel Room
10:00-11:00 Fringe Hall H
11:15-12:15 Supernatural Hall H
12:30-1:30 Doctor Who Hall H

Parties To Consider:
Heroes Return to Primatech Meet-Up

Update: I have decided to do Ballroom 20!

Here is my schedule so far without the details above:


Prepping for Comic-Con 2012: Updates To Come!

As I prep to leave for San Diego tomorrow, I would like to post what I will be updating on while I attend Comic-Con! So I am going to try to do reviews on the movie screenings I do end up attending along with a daily recap of what I did each day. Hopefully, I have interesting stuff to share!

As you may all know I run too many fan sites, here are the ones I will be trying to update in some form during my trip which of course are SDCC related: (Most of it will be news updates instead of pics ones)

Alison Brie Web
Ben Schwartz Online
Adoring Anna Kendrick
Candice Accola Online
Don Cheadle Online
Joe Manganiello Central
Joseph & Zooey Web
Lizzy Caplan Web
Lyndsy Fonseca Web
Steven Strait Online
Zachary & Kristen

Also important news updates will be posted on my other sites. Let the lack of sleep and Comic-Con craziness begin!


Nerd HQ Conversation Panels Schedule

On Friday, Nerd HQ conversation panels went on sale! For everyone who was trying to get tickets that day will know that the site server crashed and Nerd HQ have been dealing with the effects of “the crash”. Nathan Fillion, Chuck and Zachary Levi are all sold out and they had to add double panel in order to make up for overselling! Chuck and Zac’s panel were what I was hoping to go to but after the server crash and finding out that they both sold out, I knew it was no longer possible. If you never head about Nerd HQ and want to know what the fuss is, reasons why you should attend below:

  1. The panels only cost $20 which go to charity, Operation Smile
  2. There are no line ups!
  3. You are guaranteed your seats when you buy your tickets! (You are assigned your seat numbers)
  4. If there is an autograph signing with the panel, you are guaranteed the signing!
  5. Relaxing and a bunch of fun!

Note: If you cannot attend the panels, the panels live stream at Break.com

Last year, I attended Zachary Quinto’s Conversation panel which was a lot of fun! I was hoping to attend Nerd HQ again but it seems like I might not be able to because they clash with the one I want to attend at Comic-Con. There are a lot of Conversation panels left that are still on sale such as Stan Lee, The Expendables 2, Damon Lindelof and more! Latest new additional panel is the Twilight related one! with Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli is on Thursday at 6pm! This year Nerd HQ will be held at Block No. 16 Union and Spirits (344 7TH Ave., San Diego, CA 92101). View the official announcement.

I am wearing Nerd HQ t-shirt with Before The Door‘s Mr. Murderer Is Dead and Lucid.

For more details and to buy tickets, go to here. Visit thenerdmachine.com and follow @thenerdmachine! Also follow @ZacharyLevi.

Watch Zachary Quinto’s Conversation panel I attended last year:

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