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My blog is not dead! Since June, I decided to move to Toronto. A lot has happened since June and I have sure attended a lot of events and more trips since then! I will slowly be resuming back to blogging about my upcoming events! I am also planning on talking about some of the ones I attended since June! So stay tune!




Leaving for New York (10 Hours To Go)

As I finish off packing to leave for New York tomorrow, I decided to list everything I am planning on doing on this trip! It’s officially midnight in Eastern Time! So I have to head off to bed soon! I really want to prepare myself and be less tired when I arrive tomorrow! So 10 more hours to go till I officially leave! I cannot wait to be back in New York, it has been too long! This post will not list when I am doing/seeing what but organized by categories šŸ˜‰



Shakespeare In The Park
Comedy Of Errors

American Ballet Theater
Alexei Ratmansky World Premiere

The Kings Of Summer

PUNK: Chaos to Couture

Jone St Station & The Girls at (Le) Poisson Rouge


Upcoming Trip: Bahamas Cruise/Orlando (August 18-August 25)

I spent this weekend wondering if I should buy my flight to Orlando yet. My aunt has been looking out for cheaper flight prices and came across ones with American Airlines. We will be leaving from Seattle to Orlando. I am pretty certain that I was kind of annoying because of the situation I put myself in. Looking for jobs in Toronto does not go well with planning “future trips.” I ended up buying my flight to Orlando earlier today. So, I figured I would do a blog post about it! It is also a good way to keep myself in the loop with what it is happening!

We are going on a Bahamas cruise from August 19-August 23 and staying a couple days in Orlando after. This cruise is a graduation trip for my brother as he is graduating university next month! When I graduated, the present from my relatives was an all inclusive trip to Mexico! Everyone going with us on the trip will be on this one too! It is my dad, brother, aunt, uncle and cousin and their family friends (2 adults and 2 kids). So, it is a big group of us! I have never been on a cruise before. So, this will be great experience especially going to the Bahamas. We are heading down to Seattle on August 17 and staying overnight in Orlando before the cruise on the 18th. Looking forward to this!

This is not the last upcoming trip I have! I know I feel crazy but after this trip, I am planning to leave Orlando to Toronto. This will be my next upcoming trip post! I also still need to decide when to plan my next New York trip. Once SDCC panels start being announced, I will hopefully have an update on my LA and San Diego trip (July 13-July 22). Anyways, that is it for now! Only 11 days till my trip for New York! YAY!


Upcoming Trip Update: New York (May 30-June 3)

A lot has happened in terms of trip planning since I last blogged on here! I will mainly focus this on my upcoming trip this month to New York! I am so excited that I will finally be back in New York later this month. It has been 2 years too long! In June 2011, I planned a trip to New York to celebrate graduating from university! Best decision ever! This was also the first time I ever traveled by myself. I still don’t know how I did it! 2 years later, I feel like I still live and breathe New York! It is certainly not hard to forget the experiences and the awesome time I had there. I pretty much did a lot in the 2-3 days I was there! So, I don’t have any tourist plans for this trip as I did most of them last time. I am pretty much hoping to be more of a New York pro this time around!

This is trip is what I like to call a birthday trip for myself. What better way of turning 25 by celebrating it in New York! This is pretty much like a dream for me. Feel free to read my previous post on the trip as a lot has changed! Well mostly on Broadway shows ending early! Breakfast At Tiffany’s ended it’s run last month and now Orphans will be ending its run shortly as well! Both productions ending its run early mainly because sales aren’t doing as well. Honestly, Breakfast At Tiffany’s bummed me out the most but I felt like when Orphans was announced, it was like someone out there in the world must hate me. As of right now, I have 2 Broadway shows planned: Matilda and Macbeth! (When I told my supervisor about my trip, he asked if I am seeing 9 shows! And I was like I wish! Gosh I wish I had the time and money to see that many! It would sure solve a lot of my problems with decision making!) I am super excited to see both! Matilda received a bunch of Tony awards nominations and Alan Cumming is doing a one man show as Macbeth which is going to be pretty awesome! I also still have Shakespeare In The Park‘s Comedy Of Errors (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) planned. So I am excited to see that as well! It will be a Shakespeare celebration for my birthday it seems. It just ended up being that way. Not to mention I am still going to The Girls (Alison Brie, Cyrina Fiallo, & Julianna Guill) and Jone St. Station‘s concert at (Le) Poisson Rouge on June 1 (the day before my birthday!)

As of right now, I am also planning on going to MET to see the PUNK: Chaos to Couture exhibition. Last time, I got a chance to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition. So, I figured I would get some “fashion” out of this trip again besides seeing shows! Besides shopping and doing some minor sight seeing, I am hoping to see The Kings Of Summer (movie starring Alison Brie, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally etc). The movie has a limited release and I figured I have better chances to see it in New York than waiting around and hoping it does indeed come out here in Vancouver on June 7. The movie is out on May 31 and we will just have to see if it does end up playing in New York while I am there. I am also considering seeing something at Lincoln Center. That was one of my sightseeing must see stops on my previous trip. So, it would definitely be nice visiting the same places I did last time but doing something different! I know I will definitely be a New York subway pro by the end of this trip. Last time, I didn’t take the subway at all!

I will definitely be blogging about my trip when I come back! I know I will definitely instagram it up! This is it regarding my New York trip but it won’t be my last “trip” related blog as I have lots more trips planned for the summer! So stay tune!


Upcoming Trips: New York, Los Angeles & San Diego!

I have been wanting to do some blogs but ever since my laptop died a couple weeks ago forcing me to get a new laptop, I just lost more of my internet interests! Definitely cutting down on online time even more now! I did however, got the job I wanted after the festival! Hooray for me! So, what have I been doing now when I am off or on the laptop, well let’s just say I was doing a Veronica Mars marathon (Season 1-Season 2 complete!) celebrating kickstarter success and the fact that Veronica Mars Movie is finally now happening but also lots of trip planning! You still have 16 days to back the project! Go! I have noticed ever single time I have been on the laptop, I have been checking airline flights like a crazy woman trying to plan my trip to San Diego! It started just being San Diego and then a random trip to New York happen! You have to thank Alison Brie for that one!

Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Page

Alison’s band, The Girls, are returning back to New York to perform with Jone St. Station again at (Le) Poisson Rouge on June 1. (Buy tickets) The day before my birthday! Yes that is how the random trip to New York planning began. It started as a random possible trip to New York but now it is turning into a “you know what let’s do this! It’s the day before my birthday! What better way to celebrate turning 25 than being in New York!“. Last time I visited New York was in June. It was my graduation trip for myself! I went to Toronto and 3 days in New York! It was so short. I still remember not wanting to leave . So far, the plans I have set besides this concert is seeing Broadway‘s Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Shakespeare In The Park‘s Comedy Of Errors. I am currently thinking of more ideas of what to do this time and what else I may want to see. Also, going to try to meet up with all my friends in New York! Let’s just say I do have some awesome friends! I have two who would be willing to have me stay over during the trip! There is no way I want to pay for a hotel again. I have thought of a couple of hostels as a backup plan! Now just need to officially decide on the days. I am thinking 4 nights this time! First night I won’t be doing much due to long flight to New York! Gosh you have no idea how much I’ve missed New York!!!

As for the very important San Diego trip for Comic Con in July… due to no more direct flights from Vancouver to San Diego and the awful flight choices available, it caused me to come up with cheaper ways to get to San Diego! Now the trip has turned into Los Angeles and San Diego trip! Allegiant Air always has cheaper flights and they fly out to LA. Yes there is only one flight that leaves out but it is always cheaper driving down to Bellingham and heading out through there! This was my original method the last time I went to LA in August but I was only able to use my return flight for that trip! By heading to Los Angeles, I decided to take the tram down to San Diego! I always wanted to do that ever since Zachary Quinto and Kristen Bell did which lead Kristen to be cast on Heroes šŸ˜‰ (Yes that is my main reason for being and wanting to take the tram lol. It is also a cheaper route too than taking a connection flight to San Diego from LA). Thankfully, Chelle lives in LA and I wont need to pay for a hotel! I get to do some traveling around LA during the weekend and then meet up with others on Monday to take the tram to San Diego! We will need to get a hotel reservation for the day but I am okay with that! The main reason why I am going to San Diego a day earlier than normal plan was I didn’t get a chance to go to San Diego Zoo last time and since they are planning on going, it will definitely be even more worth it! So I expect myself to be officially pooped out by the time I head back home from San Diego! Since Veronica Mars Movie will be having a panel, couple of my friends and I was planning on Veronica Mars fans meet up which happen on the day of the panel or on Kristen Bell’s birthday (July 18)! If the panel ends up on that day, well i makes the choice even easier! Heroes Fan Meet Up is again on Sunday!

Lots of planning fun to come! YAY! I bet people think I have lots of money! Well I just like to enjoy my life and travel as much as I can! Definitely, this new job being part time/on call has it advantages! As much as I love full time work and being paid every day, it was hard to do other things and have fun! Plus I still don’t officially know what I want to do as an actual career. So, going to enjoy life as much as I can! I am still planning on getting another job. Yea my current goal is still in place! Also, just got my new passport photo taken! So getting my passport renewed sooner in time for my upcoming trips! These will definitely won’t be the last ones of the year! My brother’s graduation trip in August! So far it will be Caribbean cruise! We shall see as it get’s closer!


Upcoming Trip: Boston/Cambridge (Feb 21-Feb 24)

I will be leaving tomorrow heading to Boston for 4 days! I will be there mainly to see Zachary Quinto in The Glass Menagerie. I’ve very excited about this! When Zach was in Off Broadway’s Angels In America, I wanted to go so bad but I was stuck in university and couldn’t go! It is also my favorite play! I knew that if Zach did Broadway or any kind of theatre production again I had to go! Yes Boston is on the other side and I would have preferred if it was Los Angeles or New York! Since I had not been to Boston before, it gave me a reason to actually make an effort to go. I would never go to Boston. Yes it is on my list but it ain’t near the top or anything. So, by going on this trip, I can check Boston off my “traveling list”!

I am not sure what exactly what we will end up doing on the trip because it all depends on the weather! You have no idea how many times I had to think of what to pack and I was literally packing for the East Coast weather. Yes I live in Vancouver but it’s not freezing right now and there is no snow! We are known for our rain not snow! I would never travel in February! Summer months are my kind of thing or if it is a hot climate in general, it would not matter when I would go! I am literally writing this quickly as I can to get myself ready for “East Coast time zone”. Yes it is only 3 hours ahead but I rather get the extra sleep I need and not be so tired when I have to get up to head to the airport. I am pretty much taking two flights! I will have to change flights in Toronto to Boston. Fun! I am hoping there are lots of good variety of movies I haven’t watched that I can watch on the plan right! We will mainly be in Cambridge on this trip!

So two shows of seeing Zachary Quinto in The Glass Menagerie and one of them is the talk back! I love talk backs! I guess I will do a report on both of them when I come back from the trip! The Glass Menagerie is running till March 17. Buy tickets and for more info This A.R.T. production is playing at the Loeb Drama Center in Cambridge!


New Twitter Name @jasjwang & The Reason

So I finally decided to change my username on twitter from @syellefan88 to @jasjwang. I have been wanting to do it for so long but I kept putting it off since I didn’t want to lose my followers and get them confused. I’ve also had “syellefan88” ever since I joined which is pretty much almost 4 years! So it’s a long time with that identity. The main reason I wanted to change is I guess I feel like I matured a lot and wanted more of a “professional twitter name.” I don’t want to be known as “syellefan88” forever. SYELLE = Sylar/Elle and 88 is 1988 the year I am born. Heroes was ages ago and I felt like I didn’t want a “ship” username forever and I didn’t want that to be my identity always. Yes I will love Syelle always and love Zachary/Kristen but I also have my site twitter for that! So, this username isn’t necessary anymore. I wanted to be known as my actual name! Not my full name but an abbreviation that people would be able to know it’s me!

I have been doing research before finally changing it! I wanted to know how to not lose followers and I didn’t want anyone taking my formal name. You never know! Someone may want to pretend to be me. I am personally not that interesting. You never know when it comes to the internet though. What I came across is that you cannot change your username back unless it is still available! It is recommended that you “create an account” and put the same details as your previous one and have a tweet about the change in it. You should do it on both accounts. So if people are trying to look for you on Google or some search engine, they will still find a way back to you! Also important to put formerly “previous username” in your info, so your followers would be able to find out too! So I pretty much mastered all those steps!

If you haven’t been following me before, follow me @jasjwang and remember I am no longer @syellefan88!


Upcoming Show: Spring Awakening at Studio 58 (Feb 19)

I will be seeing our location production of Spring Awakening tomorrow at Studio 58! This is my first production I will be seeing at Studio 58! I am very excited! I have been a fan of the musical since it was on Broadway with Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. It was also how I became a fan of both of them! I honestly do not remember how I first heard about Spring Awakening but I believe it was because people I knew kept talking about it online and it made me interested. I just remembered being soo obsessed with the production with everyone else and watching as many Spring Awakening related videos as possible. It is the Broadway musical which I knew all the words to and listen to the soundtrack on a daily basis. I always wished I could have seen Lea and Jon in Spring Awakening! I have seen videos of them in both the Off Broadway and Broadway productions but it is not the same as seeing it LIVE. I have always envied people who saw any productions of Spring Awakening. I would actually tell them to go see it! So I am glad I finally have a chance! I am going into this production with a slightly high expectations but I also know that I still love it regardless! It’s Spring Awakening after all! So cannot wait!

Here are a couple of videos of Lea and Jonathan in Spring Awakening:

Spring Awakening is running till February 24 at Studio 58! So don’t miss out on this local production in Vancouver! For more info and to buy tickets.


I’m Back!

I have decided to come out from my semi hiatus and go back to blogging! Since September, I was working full time and was taking two online courses! It was really overwhelming! Now that I am back to being unemployed the whole full time employment made me cut down on sites and made me rethink the whole online courses/path I was going in. Being unemployed again has not brought me down! I had been spending time watching movies, seeing shows and volunteering! The time I needed to relax and think things over!

I decided to change the way I blog here! I realized that was another factor to my lack of blogs and needing to take a semi hiatus! I felt overwhelmed that I couldn’t get all the blogs posts I wanted to do on and up on time! I decided to not think so much on what I should blog on but instead go with the flow with what I feel like blogging about at the moment!

Right now, I am doing an internship with 8th Annual Vancouver International Women In Film Festival which I volunteered for in the past! We are currently in pre festival mode. The festival is from March 7-March 10. I am really excited about this! It is as box office coordinator! So, glad I can use my previous experiences to use and learn more new things! Last month, I was doing box office stuff for 2013 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival at Club Push (Performance Works)! Plus, I saw lots of shows during the festival! So, I was going out a lot! I will be doing some blog posts about some of the stuff I did this year so far! Lots more to come here I promise! Stay tune!


Semi Hiatus

As you may have noticed I have not blogged since September! Ever since I started my full time job and starting my two online courses, I just didn’t have time. Not only that I was already behind on my August blog posts I wanted to do. I know it’s my blog and it’s really doing it on my own time but I felt bad that I was not doing any new blogs.

For those who follow me on twitter will know that I actually have been doing interesting stuff in September and last month (Seeing more theatre productions, Volunteering at Vancouver International Film Festival, Going to Snow Patrol and High Flying Birds concert and also seeing more movies again!). So, it was not like I was doing nothing during the time.

I decided to put the site on a needed “Semi Hiatus” to make myself also feel better that I am not actually sucking at writing blogs. I think I may also change some of the stuff I do blog about. So, hopefully there will be new blog posts on the site soon! If not, there will be some later on this month or next month! I also still need to get the site a new look and ever since the site changed servers, I have not had time to fix some stuff around the site!

So stay tune! Hopefully, more stuff to come sooner than later!

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