2012 Vancouver International Fringe Festival Winners

Last night was the last day of 2012 Vancouver International Fringe Festival. I had an amazing time volunteering and seeing shows during the festival. I also managed to catch up with old friends or bump into people I knew who went to high school with. Plus I met and talk to lots of people 🙂 The award ceremony was held last night where the winners were announced. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend since my volunteer shift was still happening around the time but I managed to catch up on @VancouverFringe. I am happy with the winners and I wish I could have saw all of those that won. I will have sometime soon a post with my thoughts on the shows I got to see during the festival. Here are the list of winners below. Check out @VancouverFringe for more or visit www.vancouverfringe.com

Spirit of the Fringe Award
Zero Tolerance
Slut Revolution

Volunteer Choice Award
Loon (Winner)

Runner Ups:
Power to Your Knitting Nell

Talk of the Fringe Award by @plankmagazine.
Suburban Motel (Winner)

Runner Ups:
Slut Revolution
Riverview High
Til Death

Joanna Marratta Award
Monster Theatre

Best Site Specific show

Critics Choice Awards

2012 Public Market Pick of the Fringe
1. God is a Scottish Drag Queen!
2. Loon
3. Riverview High: The Musical
4. Romance
5. Burnt at the Steak!
6. Fishbowl
7. Bookworm
8. CapsLock the Musical
9. Til Death Due Us Part
10. Peter ‘n Chris.

It was announced that Underbelly gets a run at Cultch Theatre. I am looking forward to that since I was not able to see Underbelly and I heard to many wonderful stuff about it from people who attended and volunteers!

I am going to try to see some of the pick of the fringe shows that I wanted to see and I was unable to. You can find more information for dates and times for those shows here.


Upcoming Event: Vancouver International Fringe Festival (Sept 6-16)

On Thursday, this year’s Vancouver International Fringe Festival officially kicked off. I did my first volunteer shift as ticket seller yesterday and just did another one earlier on today. I have a couple more shifts next weekend! This is my first time volunteering for Vancouver International Fringe Festival and my first time attending the festival. I was trying to volunteer last year but it didn’t work out with my schedule. So, I am glad I get the opportunity this year!

What is so great about the Vancouver International Fringe Festival is that it is “affordable” theatre and the money that is being made goes directly to the artists. It is a not-for-profit charitable organization and money made at fundraisers go to charities of their choice. It has theatre from all of the world and how things get chosen to who will be in the line up each year is drawn from a hat. The main stage venues are all over Granville Island and you will find some shows specific towards the venue or in a place you never thought you would be seeing theatre at like at a parking lot or under a bridge. Some venues are off site where the artists chose specifically and put their own money towards. Here is some more information about Fringe at their official site.

The Vancouver International Fringe Festival, produced annually by the First Vancouver Theatrespace Society, is BC’s largest theatre festival and North America’s most international Fringe Fest. This year’s Fringe Festival will feature over 754 performances by 97 groups over 11 days, and is expected to attract over 30,000 attendees. The Vancouver International Fringe Festival is voted Vancouver’s Best Arts Festival year after year by Georgia Straight readers.


Theatre for Everyone!


Check out our shiny new mission statement! The Fringe went through a strategic planning and mission re-evaluation process in 2010, and after talking to artists, theatregoers, donors, and Fringers of every kind, here’s what we came up with.

The First Vancouver Theatrespace Society exists to celebrate theatre and create opportunities for performing artists and audiences by:

  • Presenting the Vancouver International Fringe Festival and its unjuried, uncensored content;
  • Supporting emerging and established artists;
  • Collaborating with other leading arts organizations; and
  • Cultivating an accessible organizational environment.

Read more

I am planning on seeing as much theatre as possible at the festival which runs till September 16! There are certain ones I want to see for sure but I haven’t really figured out my schedule yet since I am waiting to hear back about some other stuff going on right now! Look forward to some reviews/thoughts about the shows I see at Fringe 🙂 Visit http://www.vancouverfringe.com for more details and to buy tickets! Follow @VancouverFringe.


My 2012 Fall TV Schedule (Premiere Dates)

Since it is September, this means a lot of shows that I watch or will be starting to watch will be returning and premiering! I thought I would write out the list of shows I do watch down to make it easier for myself in order to keep track. Plus, it maybe interested in you guys knowing what I will be watching! Two new shows I am looking forward to the most are Partners and Nashville.

Sunday – September 30 (Once Upon A Time, Revenge and Homeland), The Walking Dead (October 14)
Monday – Bones (September 17), How I Met Your Mother & Partners (September 24), Gossip Girl (October 8)
Tuesday – New Girl (September 25)
Wednesday – Nashville (October 10), American Horror Story (October 17)
Thursday – Glee (September 13), Parks and Recreation (September 20), The Big Bang Theory (September 27)*, The Vampire Diaries (October 11)
Friday – Boss (October 19 is Season finale), Community & Nikita (October 19)

NOTE: Tuesday (September 18) – White Collar Summer Season Finale.

* Shows I watch that I still need to catch up on before I start the new season.

Current TV Shows still on the air or finished its current season:

LA Complex *
Game Of Thrones *
Girls *

A bunch of other TV shows I watch/work on for my sites are premiering and returning next year. Those are the following below:

House Of Lies
Magic City
Masters Of Sex
True Blood
LA Noir
Mad Men

Psych (not sure of date)

I will be reorganizing this once a bunch of my shows starts to premiere! Plus I am sure I am missing a bunch of shows but I can’t remember what right now. The shows I watch that I have to do for my sites don’t look so bad right now. It will probably get crazy once 2013 shows premiere and return. Also, I may check out some of the other new fall shows.


Spotlight: Stand Up To Cancer telecast

Tonight is Stand Up To Cancer live telecast which airs on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX and various outlets at 8pm ET and PT/ 7pm C ! I think it was because of Kristen Bell attending the telethon was how I knew about this. Jennifer Garner attended the very first one!

What I love about the telethon is that it brings a group of celebrities together who has/had cancer (or even know of someone in their family or a friend who battled or passed away because of cancer). It is always a nice feeling knowing that you aren’t alone and that there are people you look up to who has been in a similar experience as you. Plus, cancer is the “story of my life”. My grandma, uncle, and mom were diagnosed with cancer. It is genetic my family and it feels like cancer will never leave my life. I recently lost my mom to cancer a couple years who battled from colon cancer for 10 years. If it wasn’t for cancer, I wouldn’t have to watch people I loved and cared about pass away or see them struggle and feeling helpless that you cannot do anything to help them. Even my close friends or other people I know have suffered because of cancer. If you haven’t heard about Stand Up To Cancer before. Here is a bit from their mission statement:

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) is a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now.

SU2C is bringing together the best and the brightest researchers and encouraging collaboration instead of competition among the entire cancer community. By galvanizing the entertainment industry, SU2C creates awareness and builds broad public support for this effort.

Here we stand, on the verge of unlocking the answers that will finally conquer cancer.

Read more of their mission statement

Check out this video from last year which also includes Emma Stone’s psa for Stand Up To Cancer. You may see some of your favorite celebrities in this!

Check out a couple of promos for this year below and the press release of the amazing celebrities who are set to participate this year which includes Joe Manganiello and Emma Stone!

To donate or for more information, visit standup2cancer.org


Jasmine Goes To.. is Back online!

Sorry for the downtime on the site and the lack of blog posts. I recently moved the site onto Fan-Sites.org where all my fan sites are hosted at. I also had been very busy working besides attending Vancouver Queer Film Festival and Color Me Rad 5K race last month. I was pretty much working full time at this temporary job! My last shift right now is tomorrow! So I am glad I have been finally making some money after over a year of being unemployed. I will be doing some amazing stuff this weekend with volunteering for Vancouver Fringe Festival and later with Vancouver International Film Festival. I have a whole bunch of blog posts to write about too. So pretty much a catch up of everything “interesting” that I have been up to and have seen will be coming soon. So stay tune!

Also, I have to fix a bunch of posts on the site but I hope to have that fixed by the end of the week. I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend and a great first day of school!


Theatre Under The Stars – The Music Man at Malkin Bowl

Tomorrow is the closing night for The Music Man at Malkin Bowl. I finally saw the show on Tuesday after my volunteer shift doing box office! It was entertaining and fun! Definitely, a good pairing with Titanic The Musical! The Music Man celebrates its 100 years as well! What makes this a great production for me is you get exactly what a musical should be! Fun songs and awesome choreography that goes along with it! This will definitely entertain the kids more compared to Titanic! Theatre Under The Stars definitely chose great musicals for their season!

Show Information from Tuts.ca:

Choreography by DAYNA TEKATCH
Musical Direction by CHRISTOPHER KING

The creative team that delivered last summer’s hit Anything Goes takes on another beloved Broadway classic: the story of charming con man Harold Hill, who sets out to scam the townspeople of River City, Iowa by posing as a marching band organizer who will keep their kids out of trouble if they give him money for instruments and uniforms. Unexpectedly, Harold meets his match in prim Marion the librarian…but the course of true love (and deception) never did run smooth, and hilarity ensues, accompanied by a succession of timeless songs, from “Ya Got Trouble” and “Seventy-Six Trombones” to “Gary Indiana” and “Till There Was You” (all from the pen of Meredith Willson).

Like TITANIC, The Music Man is set exactly one hundred years ago in 1912; also like Titanic, it won five Tony Awards during its first Broadway run (50 years ago), including Best Musical. TUTS is excited to bring this delightful, memorable show to Stanley Park this summer.

So the reason why I have been trying to see this ASAP is because Sarah Rodgers directed this production! She taught part of a class I took at UBC and it was great working with her! Plus I love the productions she has done before (Billy Bishop Goes To War is my favorite!). The Music Man has been made into movies too! I could picture how the movie would have been like! I have not seen the movie versions yet but to give you an idea what the production is like, here are clips from a couple of songs from the musical:

I am a big fan of seeing live productions! So, a movie is nothing in comparison to that! Plus I love the casting for the production! Love the character, Winthrop (the kid who has a lisp)! He is too cute!

Tonight is the closing night for Titanic The Musical. You really don’t want to miss seeing these productions. Buy tickets at Tuts.ca. Make sure to follow @TutsVancouver to get discounts!


Color Me Rad 5K Race Day 1 at Thunderbird Stadium

Yesterday, I volunteered to do packet pick up for Color Me Rad 5K race that is happening at Thunderbird Stadium on Saturday! It was a fun and busy day! I managed to learn lots of stuff during the volunteer shifts like getting to Thunderbird Stadium. I’m a UBC graduate and I did not know how to get there. For some weird reason, I thought Thunderbird Arena = Thunderbird Stadium. So I got off the 25 bus and then later realized.. wait this is not the venue. Is it the one that is further out?! So, I arrived late for my shift and good thing I found my way and met up with a couple of other people who were going there to volunteer too. Even my general idea of where the stadium was, it would not have been enough. Plus, it’s hard to read stuff from a blackberry sometimes. Basically, go down 16th Avenue and turn on East Mall! Thank goodness for the tents and the Color Me Rad flags which made it easier to find!

I love the Color Me Rad t shirts and the sunglasses! I was able to get a pair of sunglasses! Plus there is some awesome tattoos. Basically, what I had to do was get their t shirt(s), sunglasses and tattoos and put it into a bag! It gets crazy when they cannot make up their mind of what color sunglasses or wanting to change the t shirt size. Most of them pick up for their team or for more than one person. It wasn’t stressful or anything. I was use to working fast pace environments (ex. I worked as a cashier at Market Place IGA). Plus it was not busy throughout the shifts but mainly when everyone are off work. Also, I ate so much pizza and drank a lot of liquids! It was weird because I was not hungry but I guess I was in the end. It must have been the hot weather because I was swearing a lot!

So, I found out last night that this was not my only volunteer shift. I am actually volunteering tomorrow too for color packet pick up which starts at 7am! I guess I will be there on race day! It would have been fun to be doing liquid station/paint station etc. Getting to through paint at the racers! Anyways, I am looking forward to volunteering again tomorrow!

Visit ColorMeRad.com for more information about the race and for more information on the charity, visit KeepABreastCanada.ca


Upcoming Event: Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Today is the opening of Vancouver Queer Film Festival which is from August 16-August 26. This is the first time I will be volunteering for the festival. I also haven’t attended the festival before. So I am very excited! I will be doing box office and venue coordinator at the venues, Cineplex Odeon, Granville 7 and Rio Theatre. What I love about film festivals is not only can I get experience by volunteering but I get to see different types of movies around the world! Even though I do happen to like certain genres over others, I really don’t hate any type of genres. What’s great about this festival is that it celebrates the best of queer independent cinema from around the world! It is the 2nd biggest film festival here in Vancouver. I have not yet figured out which movies I want to see! I think right now I need to see what my schedule will during those days and go from there! I will of course will be blogging my thoughts of the films when I get the chance! Make sure to check back later on in the week. I will soon be listing out the films I will try to see.

Visit Vancouver Queer Film Festival for more information and to buy tickets!


Upcoming Event: Color Me Rad 5K Race

Later today, I will be volunteering for Color Me Rad 5K race. I will be doing packet pick up. I found out about this event while I was looking through UBC’s Career Online in June. I was trying to figure out what to do with my summer. I decided to volunteer because I hadn’t volunteered in a race type of event since high school. I had lately been volunteering at film festivals or any theatre and film related event. So I thought it was time for a change. I also decided to volunteer for this because the event benefits the charity, Keep A Breast. No one I know has breast cancer but I have been around people who have suffered or died from cancer. It is not easy to watch ones you love in pain. I believe that informing people about cancer will indeed help with prevention and create awareness especially if it is genetic in your family. Colon cancer is genetic in my family and I have a higher risk of getting it. So by participating in this event by volunteering later today, I will be supporting the cause in some way! About the charity:

Keep A Breast Canada is a registered Canadian charity. We aim to educate young women & men about breast cancer prevention. Our mission is to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support. Through art events, educational programs and fundraising efforts, we seek to increase breast cancer awareness among young people so they are better equipped to make choices and develop habits that will benefit their long-term health and well-being.

Read more why this is Color Me Rad 5K’s charity partner.

The race is on August 18 at Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver. Even though I am not racing or volunteering on the day of, I am just glad I will be able to help with this event in some form! The race is happening in parts of Canada and the USA. Visit ColorMeRad.com for more information about the race and for more information on the charity, visit KeepABreastCanada.ca


Arts Club: Altar Boyz at Revue Stage

At the end of July, I saw the Arts Club‘s production of Altar Boyz at Revue Stage. I was originally trying to get my friend to see it with me but she said that even though she was a fan of the 90s this didn’t look like something she wanted to see. Well, she definitely missed out! This is the 9th longest running off Broadway show. When I was in New York last year, I even saw stuff about it down there. There was also a production of this last year but I didn’t get a chance to see it then. I was just glad I had my “adopted” grandmother, Eleonore to see it with me! She is also a series regular of the Arts Club with me and we always watch the shows together!

What I love about this production is that since it was at the Revue stage, you get more of an intimate production and it is really like you are seeing the Altar Boyz at their final concert. All things you love about boy bands and see what happens to them ends up in this play. It satires the phenomenon of boy bands and Christian music. It is four guys in a Christian Gospel and a Jew that make up the band! Their main mission is to cleanse our souls. It is their performance (the song and choreography) that bring the comedy out along with what they say to each other. You will leave the theatre having an awesome time! Below is the info from Arts Club:

The Altar Boyz are bringing their Raise the Praise tour back to Vancouver in the summer of 2012! Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham can sing and dance with the best of them, and these heartthrobs want to praise the Lord with funk and rhyme! With lyrics like “Girl, you make me wanna wait” and “Jesus called me on my cell phone,” this hilarious and irreverent musical comedy will wash your soul clean with laughter.

I didn’t know much about the production as I hadn’t seen it before. I always like to see something with an open mind. So I try not to be spoiled beforehand by listening to the songs or watching stuff from the production. I did however end up knowing one of the songs in the end since the person I was volunteering with at the TUTS box office brought her musicals playlist and there was a song from the production on there. Below I have included a video from the original off Broadway cast performing “We Are the Altar Boyz“.

For more information, visit Artsclub.com. Buy tickets now and you can find the trailer and clips from this production! The production runs till September 1!

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