Theatre Under The Stars: Titanic The Musical at Malkin Bowl

The closing night for Titanic The Musical is this week on Friday! So you have two more days to buy tickets to see this Theatre Under The Stars‘ production at Malkin Bowl. Make sure to take advantage of this by seeing a local production here in Vancouver at Stanley Park. It is also 100 years of Titanic! It consists of an ensemble cast around 40 actors that are graduates from Studio 58, Capiliano etc! What I love about this production was how they used the stage and make us feel like we were seeing Titanic and its tragedy before our own eyes! I do love how people on Tuesday last week stayed through the thunder storm to get actual real life visual effects of the production! Bet that was very palpable!

When people hear that there is a musical on Titanic, they immediately assume that it is based on the movie (starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet). It is not based on the movie at all. The theatre production opened on Broadway before the movie in 1997 and it is focuses mainly on Titanic and the actual people on the ship. You can get to know more of the characters and this theatre production is just as sad as the movie. So, it is a win win! Show description is below from

Directed and Choreographed by MAX REIMER

Musical Direction by KEVIN MICHAEL CRIPPS

One hundred years ago in April of 1912, Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic never to arrive. In the masterful hands of composer Maury Yeston and librettist Peter Stone (the writer whose re-imagining of “Annie Get Your Gun” lit up TUTS’ 2008 season), tragedy is transmuted into a riveting and uplifting work of musical theatre. The hopes and dreams of rich and poor, cowards and lion-hearts, lovers and enemies are woven together into a richly-layered tapestry, celebrating the power of the human spirit in the tradition of Les Miserables and Ragtime. Nancy Franklin of the New Yorker wrote of the original Broadway production, “Titanic manages to be grave and entertaining, somber and joyful; little by little you realize that you are in the presence of a genuine addition to American musical theatre.”

TITANIC won five Tony Awards on Broadway, including Best Score and Best Musical; TUTS is thrilled to present this exciting show exactly one hundred years after the historic event that inspired it. You won’t want to miss this incredible journey of the largest show ever presented under the stars in Stanley Park!

Here are some of my favorite parts from the musical below. This is from the original Broadway cast soundtrack/performance (Yea.. guess I am a sucker for the “love story” and “gut wrenching moments”):

Buy tickets to see Titanic The Musical at Also make sure to see The Music Man which closes on Saturday! I will write my thoughts about that soon after I see it later today! Make sure to follow @TutsVancouver to get discounts!


Comic-Con 2012: Hit and Run Review

With latest news that Hit and Run will be released 2 days earlier (August 22) instead of August 24 and press junket of the movie happening, I bring you my review/blog of the movie when I attended the advance screening during Comic-Con! I cannot wait to watch the movie again. I just really enjoyed it and was impressed by the success of the movie has gotten so far. If you think Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are cute already (even after the sloth video), you are going to fall in love with them even more! You may not know this but the movie is based on their real life relationship and how they first met. Not in the same circumstances but certain elements/scenarios were similar! If you haven’t seen this Funny Or Die video yet, do so now! And you will fall in love with them even more before the movie’s release.

The highlight of day 1 of SDCC was seeing the screening of Hit and Run. I was just really glad I won the VIP pass because Mari, Dani and I barely made it on time and the line up of people seeing the movie was actually long! I loved that there were kids at the screening with their parents. Not exactly sure why they were allowed in but it did make a really entertaining Q&A later. Dax was very amused as well and made various jokes about it! It was only Dax and Tom Arnold who ended up making for the Q&A. Overall, it was an amazing Q&A. I laughed as much during the Q&A as I did during the movie. There were lots of “awws” in the audience that Dax had to ask us if we saw the movie because of the sloth video. I guess I am too big of a fan of Kristen 😉 because I knew majority all the answers to the questions Dax and Tom were getting. I loved Dax calling Kristen “mama” when he answered one of the question. Everyone thought it was weird but they aren’t the only celebs I know that call each other “mom” and “dad” or being called those names by their friends.

As for the movie itself, the movie was as amazing as I thought it would be. I am not lying and it has nothing to do with the fact I am a huge Kristen fan. You will definitely laugh throughout the movie and if you don’t, I may question your sense of humor. There are lots of “racist” and “gay” type of jokes but they work and they are explained. So no one will get offended. I have skimmed other reviews from people and seems like some people didn’t get it or didn’t like the movie because of those stuff which I found really silly. The movie will make you love cars, car chases and action movies even more! You can tell it does pay homage to these kinds of movies (Dax is a big fan of Smokey and the Bandit). Plus there is a love story in it. So who doesn’t love some romance and it is not corny or cheesy! The movie really worked together as a whole. One question during Q&A was brought up and it had to do with how the movie ended. I liked the ending and I didn’t need to have certain stuff explained or answered. I didn’t feel like it was needed in the overall story arc. Watch the red band trailer below:

I will have a more in depth review when I watch the movie again later this month but I know I will still love it and will be laughing throughout again! The cast is just amazing too. The movie is with a bunch of their friends which I loved already ;). This was also one of the reasons why I was so excited for the movie when it was first announced. I am really looking forward to more amazing things from Dax Shepard and hopefully, Kristen will be starring in yet another movie with him! They really make a great team and great co stars together!

Hit and Run opens in theatres on August 22. Remember to check local listings and visit the official site. Also make sure to visit my site, Zachary and Kristen for all latest news of Kristen to come during Hit and Run press junket!


Theatre Under The Stars’ 2013 Season

As some of you know, I am currently volunteering at Theatre Under The Stars right now. It is their 66th season here at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park with Titanic The Musical and The Music Man. Both celebrating it’s 100 years! TUTS recently announced their 2013 season which will include two of my favorite musicals, Legally Blonde The Musical and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

I only saw the televised version of Broadway’s Legally Blonde The Musical starring Laura Bell Bundy. I saw How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying starring Daniel Radcliffe in New York last year! So if you never got a chance to travel and see the productions else where, this is your chance to see a local production on these two wonderful musicals here in Vancouver next year

I finally saw Titanic The Musical on Friday with my friends and I was originally hoping to see The Music Man before I leave for LA. I decided when I come back would be better. I will have a review/my thoughts of Titanic up soon but I loved it! After yesterday’s thunder and lightening down pour, I guess I was still thinking about the musical and started listening to original Broadway recordings. I am currently making a musical playlist for myself for my LA Trip. I use to have one on my original Ipod but lost them a few years ago. So it is kind of obvious what will be on there 😉

Here is a taste of both of them musicals below (I chose my favorites ;))

Head over to and purchase the 2013 Summer Season Pass. Book now and save 35% off!


Extra at Comic-Con 2012: The Vampire Diaries [Photos] & Video

With Television Critics Associations and Comic-Con 2013 preregistration done, I thought I finally post my The Vampire Diaries pics at the Extra Stage on July 14 which I attended. The crowd was crazy on Saturday. So, my pics were not as good. I love how Ian, Paul and them were walking the grounds before heading up onto the Extra stage. They were really interested in the batmobiles. There were people running towards them and stuff. The crowd was crazy as expected since it is The Vampire Diaries. Here is Julie Plec’s interview with latest TVD scoop. Check out some of my pics and the interview below:

July 14: The Vampire Diaries at Extra StageJuly 14: The Vampire Diaries at Extra StageJuly 14: The Vampire Diaries at Extra StageJuly 14: The Vampire Diaries at Extra StageJuly 14: The Vampire Diaries at Extra StageJuly 14: The Vampire Diaries at Extra StageJuly 14: The Vampire Diaries at Extra Stage


Comic-Con 2013 Saturday Preregistration Madness

Since it is official and I finally got my barcode confirmation yesterday, I am happy to announce that I will be attending Comic-Con next year! Unless comes in the way, there should be nothing stopping me from attending again! I was originally planning on posting what happened on preregistration earlier but I didn’t want to jinx it until everything was official. So now it is! Read below of how everything went down 🙂

Comic-Con 2013 preregistration for members who attended last month was on Saturday. It was the first time they did preregistration online for Comic-Con 2012 attendees. Normally, we would need to line up during Comic-Con to preregister for next year! I was not really looking forward to it since the first time I attended Comic-Con, I bought the individual passes online. So I knew how the system worked and I guess I was more prepared this time around.

I didn’t really have a set strategy but I knew you had to try to get into the waiting room as fast as you can and everything from then is just simple (filling your information etc). Before I went to bed, I made sure to put my Member ID and the presales url into a txt in Notepad. So, all I would need to do was copy and paste the information on the day. Let’s just say I slept around 2am and woke up around 7:30. I didn’t get much sleep when it was time for presales at 8am. I slowly made my way from my bed to the computer. I made sure to reread the email again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I had my credit card out already too! While I was on twitter, I made sure to have a new tab out with the pre sale url in it. So, when it was time, all I would need to do was click “enter”. During the one minute countdown, I made sure to only focus on the time on my laptop instead of on twitter. This is how everything played out:

It was now 8am. I clicked “enter” on the new tab with the presale url. It was loading slow which was why I went to twitter and tweeted load please! While still waiting for it to load, I had already copy my Member ID from Notepad. The presale page was slowly loading. I recognized where the epic registration link was suppose to be. So I opened that in a new tab. (Thank goodness the SDCC people used “Alt TXT” or else I wouldn’t have known where the image for it was going to be). Now I was in the waiting room. I was familiar with this but read what was said. You are not suppose to refresh or do anything while it loads. I didn’t realize what position I was in but when I did , it said I was 3054. So I was on twitter tweeting about my position and stuff. It turns out everyone who I followed on my feed that was at around 15,000 and I felt bad for originally complaining that I thought I was a lot faster. I didn’t want to accidentally mess up my line up on the registration. So I made sure to not tweet so much from my computer and started tweeting from my blackberry instead.

I originally did not plan to register for anyone else since no one had asked. Since I saw Tina’s tweet to me and asking if I was going to buy for anyone, I would not have bought ones for Sara and later Felicia. So after I bought mines, I was able to buy another one and I signed in with Sara’s member ID and used my payment info which was already still there. I did later the same with Felicia. What caused me to panic after was I had copied Sara’s confirmation number but not mines. I did get a confirmation email for Felicia’s first. So I started to freak out a bit. I literally started questioning if I had double checked my credit card info and stuff correctly the first time. I did later get the confirmation email for Sara and then mines. It said that I will hear back soon if the credit card was charged properly. I woke up on Sunday to receive the receipts for the transactions. It was not official till yesterday when the barcode emails were sent! So, I am relieved that is over and done with and everything is actually official now. So, until next year and finding a hotel! Just glad the preregistration games went well for me!


Comic-Con 2012: Various Photos & Videos

With the Pre Registration for Comic-Con 2013 craziness which happened not that long ago, I decided to finally post one of my other Comic-Con 2012 related post. Only those who attended Comic-Con last month have received the emails with the link for pre registration. I will be attending again but who knows, it is a year away and anything can happen that can get in the way of me attending.

Of course, I can’t do posts on every single panel I attended but I thought I would include a slideshow of some of the other ones that I did attend and were highlights for me. Everything was awesome though! I will have a separate one for The Vampire Diaries at Extra Stage. Check out the other Extra on Stage interviews I attended along with some of my pics below:

July 12: Nikita PanelJuly 13: Firefly 10th Anniversary PanelJuly 13: Firefly 10th Anniversary PanelJuly 13: Children Hospital at Extra StageJuly 13: Children Hospital at Extra StageJuly 13: The Big Bang Theory at Extra Stage July 13: The Big Bang Theory at Extra Stage July 14: Shameless at Extra Stage July 15: Buffy 20th Anniversary Panel


Upcoming Show: Red at Mark Taper Forum

Just less than a week left to I leave for my trip to Los Angeles! Another reason why I will be going to LA is to see Jonathan Groff in the theatre production of Red at Mark Taper Forum! I am really excited to see Jonathan doing what he loves the most, theatre. I have been trying since last year to see him in his previous productions but things kept coming up and not having a job made it rather difficult. Same situation now but I guess it is cheaper to fly down to LA and I just couldn’t make anymore excuses. Anyways, I am super excited!

Jonathan will be starring in the theatre production with Alfred Molina . The production opened on Wednesday and will be running till September 9. You may have seen Alfred last in Wig’s Serena with Jennifer Garner which is amazing! (Plugging it! because Jon fanboys over Jen like he fanboys over James McAvoy 😉 And I love that!) Find out what Red is about:

Behold the fury of Mark Rothko, celebrated bad boy of the art world, as powerful pigments and opinions splatter the canvases of his newly commissioned works for New York’s luxury restaurant, The Four Seasons. Paint collides with canvas live on stage, as masterpieces are born and torn down in a visceral experience that spills off the stage and forever changes the way you see red.

Alfred Molina (Art and The Cherry Orchard) reprises his critically acclaimed London and Tony Award® nominated Broadway role to rage against the art world — and occasionally his assistant, performed by Jonathan Groff (Spring Awakening) — in a masterful and perspective-changing exploration into the soul of an artist.

RED won the major 2010 Tony Awards® for Director Michael Grandage, and for Best Play to John Logan (three-time Academy Award-nominee for Hugo, Gladiator and The Aviator).

Buy tickets now

I will make sure to do a blog post about my thoughts of Jon and the production when I come back from LA! I am sure I will enjoy it regardless! This will also be my first theatre production I see in LA! Let the count down till I leave for LA begin!


Comic-Con 2012: My Celebrities Encounters & Photos

Besides meeting Dax Shepard at Hit and Run screening, I met a lot of various hot looking men 😉 Apparently, I am very lucky in spotting and meeting men in San Diego than here in Vancouver! I did briefly mention my encounters in my highlights and recap post but I decided it deserved a longer post on it! (Repost of the pics with Dax below)

It is my Saturday encounters that I felt needed to be blogged about! So, I met Ken Marino when I was heading back from the Extra stage to my hotel. He was in front of where Hall H is. There was a crowd around him and I was curious as to what was happening as I was walking. Immediately, I recognized him. I had to laugh inside and loved the fact he was pretty much wearing the firefighter’s outfit that Joe Manganiello wore. People kept referring to him as the “guy from Magic Mike“. At least there were some people who knew that was Ken or the guy who did Burning Love. Ken was handing out Burning Love calendars and pretty much doing self promotion for Burning Love. I thought the costume was an awesome way of promoting the series too! What was so awful was because the sidewalks were now kind of blocked because everyone was crowding around Ken. The traffic security guy yelled at Ken. It was bad and all I wanted to do was yell back at the guy that he just yelled at a celebrity but the Canadian in me kicked in and of course, Ken took it in as nice as he could by not saying anything. So, I kind of followed to see where Ken was moving to which was how I ended up getting my pic with him! I told Ken how I loved Burning Love 🙂 I was posing with Ken for a while as his friend/PR person? was trying to figure out how to use my camera. It was awesome! Best celeb encounter after. Yes greater than the one with Dax! That was definitely not the end of the “celeb encounters” during that day.

So after meeting Ken, I headed back to the hotel as planned. There is a Starbucks inside the hotel. I had not eaten anything yet and was getting my usual fruit cup and Caramel Macchiato. Grabbing the fruit cup kind of puts you out of the line a bit. As I was grabbing it, I did not look behind. I think it was because I did not realize someone would move closer behind me as I was getting it. All I said was I am sorry really loudly and did not look behind. I knew it was a guy I just did not look behind. It was not until while we were waiting for our drinks that I looked over and noticed who it was, Kyle Newman. It did not dawn on me right away but he was talking a phone call and said “hi this is Kyle..” was when it made me realize I knew who he was. Part of the reason why I did not say hi to Kyle was because I was not 100% sure if it was him but I just knew but I just could not say anything. The thought of the fact I had just stepped on “famous” person’s feet and how it all happened was just way too embarrassing to me that I had no idea what I would say to him besides saying I am sorry again. So, I let it go and did not do anything. It was not until I spotted him again while heading to the elevators on Sunday and I recognized Jaime’s from the back that I knew it was them! Hence, the tweets I sent to Kyle later that day.

You would think that was it for the day but meeting Michael McMillian was pretty much a highlight as well. All thanks to Tina and while she catching up with Michael, she introduced him to me by telling him that I ran like 30 sites. Of course, I was thinking oh crap, this is embarrassing because he has no ideas what these “sites” are on and that some of them are on his friends. I was trying to tell him I “met” him last year while attending the Conversation with Zachary Quinto panel at Nerd HQ panel last year but I don’t think I ever got around to it. I did tell him though that I loved his recent appearance on House Of Lies 😉 And he told me that he loved getting to work with Don Cheadle! What made meeting Michael a highlight was his straight face reaction as he said to me, how can you run so many, you should just run one site. And I literally didn’t know what to say. All I said was “No, it’s ok.” and I was trying not to laugh. After I took a pic of Michael and Tina, I got a pic with Michael. He was too sweet and the exhibition hall was closing soon. I think he made the exception for us since I am pretty sure he turned down some of the people ahead of us. Although, not 100% certain and there were lots of people after us. Oh and Tina took the last copy of True Blood comic with Alexander Skarsgård. It was really sexy!

As I said for Sunday, I met Chad Michael Murray and my younger self came back! I was a huge CMM and OTH fan back in the days. Everyone knew about it. I did a powerpoint presentation on Chad, even had a scrapbook and stuff. It was bad. So I literally really don’t remember what I said besides the fact I told him I loved him on OTH but in reality, I had seen everything he had done back in the day. He asked me how I was enjoying Comic-Con and yea I remember nothing after that. I also feel guilty and tad bit embarrassed that the girl who took the pic of Chad and I took more than one while we were chatting. So in total there was 5 but one pic Chad’s face is blurry. It was amazing way to end meeting celebs at Comic Con for me! Sara and Felicia had to listen to me fan girl over meeting Chad after. Yea.. my younger self came back. Just glad I went with Sara to Arcadia booth. I was hoping to see if Chad doing another signing. So, I was in luck that he was there. I was even questioning myself before I decided to go for it and buy Everlast and meet Chad!

So these are my main celebrities encounters that were also my highlights! I noticed after that I managed to meet celebs that were related to Zach & Kristen (friends/co stars). Lots more to come!


Upcoming Event: HollyShorts Film Festival

Less than 2 weeks before I leave for my trip in LA. One of the main reasons I will be traveling to LA is to attend HollyShorts Film Festival. As many of you know, I will be attending the opening night on August 9. If I had lots of money and could afford to stay longer, I would have actually stayed for the whole festival. I am a big fan of short films in general! I find it amazing how people can make such amazing creative films in such a short length of time. As a proud Zachary Quinto fan and loving everything he does and the success of his production company, Before The Door, I decided I just had to make a trip down there!

Zach will be hosting the opening night which will feature Periods Films‘ shorts films and the trailer for their upcoming feature film! Penn Badgley will also be starring in one of their new short films.

A new comedy short starring Penn Badgley will premiere as part of a group of short films that will screen as the opening night attraction at the 8th annual HollyShorts Film Festival that kicks off Aug. 9 at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Presented under the umbrella title of PERIODS., the program of improvised comedy shorts, created by Victor Quinaz and Anna Martemucci, will also include several other new films, including one starring Willie Garson (White Collar) and another starring Grace Helbig (Attack the Show).

Zachary Quinto, who starred in an earlier series of the PERIODS. films called BEFORE AFTER and now executive produces the eries through his production company, Before the Door Pictures, will be on hand to host the HollyShorts opening night.

“It is always thrilling to support the work of friends and collaborators with whom I (and my company) expect to be in the business of telling stories for years to come,” he said. “I am enormously proud of Victor and Anna – and excited to celebrate this significant accomplishment with them in August.”

Of his own participation in one of their shorts, Badgley commented, “It’s rare to find people you can work with effortlessly, and to end up with a piece of something original. These guys are doing something smart and subtle, but that’s how the good shit starts…I think.”

Quinto and his team also recently wrapped PERIODS. Films’ first feature film, which they produced alongside Anonymous Content. That film’s title and premise have been being kept under wraps but will be unveiled during the opening night program when its first trailer is shown.

HollyShorts co-founders and co-directors Theo Dumont and Daniel Sol said of the opening night selection, “The PERIODS. crew exemplifies what modern indie filmmaking is really all about— working together to create high quality content for global audiences while utilizing tangible digital tools and social media to promote and release the works to the masses.”

Quinaz and Martemucci are both repped by Anonymous.

via THR

Watch the Periods Films‘ promo for HollyShorts Film Festival (Also a perfect time to catch up on all previous Periods Films’ shorts so far):

View the full line up of short films at the official site. The festival is running from August 9-16. Buy tickets now! Make sure to follow @hollyshorts and join in on their contest to win free tickets/passes and more!


“Brave” Review

On July 7 before I left for Comic-con, I finally got around to watch Brave with my friend, Hannah. This Pixar movie always looked like it would be good. Plus you have Kelly Macdonald voicing! For some reason, it intrigued me that this movie had Scottish/British people voicing. I love accents! You know a Pixar movie is good when it makes you laugh and cry! The story is simple that anyone can relate and it is mother/daughter relationship and family which draws people into the movie.

Brave tells a story about Princess Merida wanting to make her own path in life and relying on her bravery and skills in archery to break the curse that the the one wish she made has put on her family and the kingdom. Who hasn’t wanted to live their life their own way?! To have their freedom?! And just want to break away from their parents’ ideal life for them?! Merida does not want be this life of being princess. She just wants to be able to make her own choices of who she wants to marry and etc. Her mom just wants to gives Merida a life that she always wanted. It is heartbreaking knowing that they both want the best interest for each other but never able to having the strength to tell it to each other. Merida makes the one wish hoping to get the life she wanted but it ends up being the complete opposite. Even her father has inner demons to face from the past. In order to break the curse, Merida and her mom both need to come together, love and understand each other. It is this journey which makes them learn more about each other. This is what they always wanted to have but they could not tell each other this until after. I just loved the twins in the movie. They were just too cute and brought pretty much most of the comedy. Yes it does not compare to Toy Story‘s franchise but it is everything you would expect from a Pixar movie. There is a short clip after the credits of the movie! Make sure to stay till the end. Watch the trailer below:

Brave is currently playing in theatres. Make sure to check your local listings. Visit the official site!

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